Revenge of the Bitter Clingers!

Good morning, America!  It’s Tuesday, November 2, 2010!  Time for all us know-nothing neanderthals to slink on down to the polling places and cast our benighted ballots for all those backward Barney and Betty Rubbles who believe in the US Constitution and its timeless principles.

Yep, us Mammy and Pappy Yokums may manage to pay the bills, balance the checkbooks, raise the kids, run the businesses, work the jobs, maintain the homes, support the churches and synagogues, pony up with local, state, and federal taxes, and contribute to GNP, but apparently it’s only our brilliant betters in the progressive party who have the socialist sense to manage America.

Well, surprise, surprise.  This is the day that we officially turn our backs on the San Francisco Syndicate, that snotty, elitist, pseudo-progressive, anti-democratic, anti-American amateur hour that has attempted to raise victim-hood and entitlement to a sacred social science.  This is our day, the day we take yet another big step in our Take Back America campaign.

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