Breitbart on ABC: Big Media Buckles

Another Breitbart Channel?

Guess who will provide election night analysis for the ABC network on Tuesday evening?  None other than Andrew Breitbart, that notorious truth-teller from the heinous hinterland of conservative values. Breitbart and Dana Loesch, editor of Big Journalism, will join the cadre of talking heads on ABC to provide a ‘fair and balanced’ commentary for the viewing public.

Anticipating a very different outcome from the 2008 election season, ABC News is looking to win the war of the ratings by padding its plate with choice Tea Party h’orderves in hopes of attracting a more conservative audience.   But not everyone is happy with ABC’s commentary lineup.  There have been grumblings within the ABC newsroom itself, and of course, there has been some very vocal criticism trumpeted by the leading Leftwing blogs, including MediaMatters.  Oh, dear.  The Left is all shook up over one of their own outlets giving credence to the voice of center-right America.  These poor pampered propagandists just don’t understand that news organizations like ABC are for-profit companies, so when they sense a shift in the political winds, they shift their political slant accordingly.

After a year and a half of non-stop trashing and demonizing of ordinary Americans, a concerted strategy, by the way, that failed in its attempt to marginalize the American majority, some media elites are finally figuring out who really foots the bill for their myopic progressive paradise. That mischieveous market maxim is making a bit of a comeback in some sectors of the MSM:  Lots of Happy Viewers = Lots of Happy Advertisers = Lots of Big Bucks for the Network = Lots of Jobs and High Salaries for those Media Moguls.

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