GOProud’s Political Ads: A Tale of Two Sorties

GOProud’s 2010 mid-term election ad campaign began hitting the airwaves last Monday.  Appearing on Bravo and Lifetime, the ad has caused a bit of a stir across the political panorama.

On Thursday evening, GOProud’s campaign ad entitled The Real Democrats of DC was featured on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News.  Hannity’s program offered political pollster Frank Luntz and a focus group from Cleveland, Ohio.  The focus group which consisted of both Republicans and Democrats was asked to view various campaign ads and register their opinion of the impact of each ad.  And lo and behold, The Real Democrats of DC reached the top of their political Hit Parade.  In his introduction to the GOProud video, Luntz asked the focus group if it wasn’t one of the best ads they had ever seen.  And the group responded with applause and an unequivocal, Yes! You can view the Hannity segment here.

And from the other side of the civic ozone layer, a very different reception was offered to GOProud’s unpardonable republicanism.  At the hilarious Huffington Post, where they featured the ad without editorial analysis, the reader comment section offered a fulsome fusillade of whinging contempt for this courageous gay group that dares to denigrate the darling Dems.  The commentators coughed up the usual tedious grouptalk, offering vitriolic verbal refuse in an attempt to explain away this annoying anomaly that defies the axioms of the Alinsky playbook.

After all, us ‘self-loathing’ lesbians and gay men out here in Yahoo-ville, who adhere to such quaint curiosities like limited government, low taxes, fiscal sanity, personal responsibility, respect for private property, and a strong military, must seem such strange anti-socialist creatures to the clever quislings who hunker down on HuffPo.  Our Marxist masters on the Left are absolutely baffled that there are blacks, Latinos, and gays in America today who refuse to be bought off with political payola.  The Anti-American hate hawkers have hustled their wares to all us ‘victim’ voters for a long time now, always expecting the easy con: Come one, come all!  Step right up and pocket your 30 pieces of silver.

But now the political terrain is a-changin and the Democrat patchwork of poor poor pitiful me’s is beginning to fray.  It’s 2010 and a gay group is running ads against Barney Frank!  There is indeed a brave new world on the horizon.

If you’d like to contribute to GOProud’s campaign to bring enlightenment to the benighted HuffPo masses, just click on the link.  Help support these pushback patriots.

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4 Responses to GOProud’s Political Ads: A Tale of Two Sorties

  1. Jimmy LaSalvia says:

    Thank you so much for writing about our ad and for your support! I really appreciate it.

  2. Jason says:

    There is nothing inherently homophobic about a candidate that simply disagrees with our lifestyle. I’m so sick of the leftist gay leaders playing victim. We already have the freedom to live our lives and even go to bathouses if we want. Do we really have to force this stuff on other people? Since we can’t have kids, isn’t it just common sense to leave marriage to normal straight couples? I have quite a few friends in the military and even the gay ones aren’t eager to wave some flamboyent rainbow flag. DADT has worked fine and liberals ramming it down everyone’s throat is only going to cause a backlash. It’s not homophobic just to practice one’s faith and teach innocent kids about the dangers of the lifestyle with AIDS and all. Let’s stop calling people of good conscience ‘homophobes’.

    • Hi Jason. Thanks for your comment. And you’re absolutely right–the endless demonizing has to stop. And putting an end to it starts with the language we use. Leftwing newspeak has become part of our national lexicon and is used to marginalize and shut down anyone who dares to think differently.

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