Hillary in the VP Slot: Wait For It

Speculation surrounding Madame Clinton’s political future and the 2012 presidential election continues to hit the headlines.  And now Bob Woodward has joined the chorus of Clinton clubbers, suggesting that The Hill will indeed be a viable option for Team Obama in 2012. Unless numerous miracles occur between now and the next presidential race, Obama will need every bit of cachet he can get to pull his tanking administration out of the toilet and into contention.  And let’s face it, Joe Joe the Jokester just doesn’t add any credibility or distinction to the Dem’s ticket.  To the contrary, Mr. Biden is Mr. Obama’s big burden.

Many believe there will be no Hillary hijinks in 2012, postulating instead that Mrs. Clinton no longer has a desire to hit the campaign trail.  To that I say, Balderdash!  Not only will she consider a second fiddle slot serving THE ONE, she will do so as a strategy to set herself up for a presidential run in 2016.

Here’s my ‘incisive’ Hill and Bill analysis from back in August:

The Dump Joe Biden campaign is in full swing with elements of the Lamestream Media scrambling to find a convenient scapegoat for the POTUS’ plummeting popularity polls.  It seems that the loudmouths at MSNBC, those juvenile jokers who indulged in nasty name calling at Mrs. Clinton’s expense during the 2008 primary campaign, are now a-gush at how great she’d be as the next VP.

In an article written for Politico last week, Doug Wilder, former Democrat governor of Virginia, hailed Hillary as the better choice for the VP slot than Bumbling Biden.  And MSNBC’s Chris Matthews couldn’t wait to jump on the bring-her-onboard bandwagon.  Along with Howard Fineman of Newsweek and John Heilemann of New York Magazine, Matthews and other leading Lefty lights seem to agree that hang-on-in-there Hillary would accept the VP position without a moment’s contrition.

In an earlier post, I stated that No Way would Mrs. Clinton lower herself to play VP stooge to the Obama boob.  But I needs must reconsider. I think the Clinton household is looking down the road at 2016.  If HC is the VP on the 2012 Democrat ticket and the Democrats win the White House, she stands to inherit her party’s nomination in 2016.  If the Democrat’s lose in 2012, she’s still well-positioned as the party’s frontrunner, barring any unforeseen competitors coming from left field (pun intended).

In 2017, Mrs. Clinton will be 69 years old at inauguration time.  Is that too old to step up to the presidential podium?  Well, Ronald Reagan was 69 when he took the oath of office in 1981, turning 70 just a few weeks after being sworn in.  And by 2016, the Hill will have millions upon millions of fellow time travelers, from the Baby Boom generation down to the 40 and 50 somethings looking for their new lease on longevity.

I think a 2016 run for the White House is the action plan for the Clinton clan.  The Hill wants her butt on that presidential chair as the first female President of the United States and she’ll do whatever it takes.  So, as far as her playing second fiddle to that Affirmative Action diddle, well, I think Hillary will do exactly what she’s doing now: suck it up, play ball, and wait.

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