Netherlands to Ban the Burqa?

There is a conservative breeze beginning to blow across the Netherlands.  And that breeze just might bring some long overdue changes to the cultural landscape of the once quaint country of windmills and tulips.

The Netherlands has been limping along politically since June of this year as its politicians attempt to form a viable government.  Because no party won a majority in the national elections, the new governing administration will be a coalition of the pro-business Peoples Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the center-right Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA).  But also in the political mix here for this New Netherlands is the Party for Freedom (PVV), the party of Geert Wilders, the member of Parliament who is scheduled to go on trial in October for ‘hate speech’.

Geert Wilders has become a player in this Double Dutch political landscape because without his party’s support, the VVD would be unable to enact the economic austerity measures it has proposed.  Representatives from the three parties have now announced a negotiated agreement which could bring some major changes to the ongoing Islamification of the country.

If the coalition agreement is formally approved, the number of Muslim immigrants moving into the Netherlands would be cut in half.  There would also be stringent conditions placed on the granting of asylum and tougher regulations on allowing family members of immigrant workers into the country.  And the wearing of the burqa would be banned.

This tiny land mass of 16,033 square miles, basically the size of Connecticut and Massachusetts, is struggling to preserve its ethnic and cultural identity at a time when the right to do so is only reserved for Third World nations.  As the ‘oppressed’ pour into Western countries seeking a better life, their cultural heritage is viewed as sacrosanct by the white ruling progressive class and deemed deserving of expression no matter what the long-term effects on the Western culture hosting these Third World refugees.  The multicultural playbook preaches a catechism of counter-colonialism, implanting the insidious seed of a new Dark Ages into the still-beating bosom of our Western heritage.

To the champions of Western Civilization, those men and women who risk legal, political, and social persecution, and who place their very lives in jeopardy for telling the truth at a time when truth-telling is deemed ‘hate speech’, I offer my deepest respect and appreciation.  Your courage is my inspiration.

Veritas vos liberabit.

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2 Responses to Netherlands to Ban the Burqa?

  1. Mary says:

    I totally agree, they are very courageous. We must shine a different light on this issue, it is not Islamaphobia!

    I am not sure if you have seen this article, my husband sent it to me a while back. It is so scary, I hope that the ban continues. This is such an obvious symbol of oppression of women. Thanks again for such a well written post.

    • Mary, thanks for the link. This was a great article. I think the author cuts through all the naive liberal nonsense that is dangerously undermining the values and norms of Western culture.

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