Waiting for ‘Superman’: A Huffington Post Hit

Where is the last place that you would expect to see a thumbs-up review of the controversial documentary film, Waiting for ‘Superman‘?  Well, I would assume there are many liberal news outlets and Left-wing blogs ready and willing to censure Davis Guggenheim’s newest film, especially since the movie’s premise is an out-and-out bash of the blatant abuses inflicted upon America’s school children by the teachers’ unions.  But perhaps it’s a signal sign of the times when America’s growing disgust with public employees and all others who greedily suck at the taxpayers’ teat finds a semi-comfortable home on the foolish and flakey front page of the Huffington Post.

Here’s a snippet of the review on the Huffington Post by Keli Goff:

Even without seeing this film, anyone with half a brain knows that our country’s education system is not working. But while most adults can agree that the system is failing too many of our kids, we have long been unable to come to an agreement on why. But Waiting for ‘Superman’ seems to settle the debate once and for all. Making it crystal clear just who and what is most at fault for depriving so many American kids of their rightful shot at the American Dream: It’s not class sizes. It’s not teachers but it is the union bosses who lead them.

Waiting for ‘Superman’ puts real life faces on the statistics we have all heard a million times. Over the course of the film you become so invested in the stories of these children filled with hope, promise and dreams, that your heart breaks along with them and the people who love them when you see them deprived of their shot at the American Dream because the adults they trust are failing them, including you and me, those of us who sit back and continue to do nothing as this crisis continues to unfold.

Davis Guggenheim was the director and producer of good ole Al Gore’s classic comedy, An Inconvenient Truth.  I guess Mr. Guggenheim’s greeny guru credentials make it a little hard for the Left to pooh-pooh his latest product.

Is there another Oscar in the work’s for Mr. Guggenheim?  Don’t count on it.

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3 Responses to Waiting for ‘Superman’: A Huffington Post Hit

  1. Mary says:

    That was my original thought too. It is essential that people wake up to what unions are doing. They are not in the business of educating children. And while I on that topic, who does the NEA educate… but don’t get me started 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    I am so excited to see this movie, I have been ranting about the CA teachers union for years. My boys were so let down by public education. What makes me mad is teachers in CA get tenure after 18 months. Good choice of word, “teat”. It describes them perfectly!

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