Gay Men and HIV: Blaming Homophobia

Today, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued the results of a study conducted across 21 U.S. metropolitan areas that focused on gay and bisexual men and their rate of HIV infection.  The CDC found that 1 in 5 gay men are infected with the HIV virus and almost half of them (44%) don’t know it.

So as the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues its merry frolic through the gay community, just what is the gay leadership doing to address this daunting disease?  Well, let’s take a look at the response of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), an organization that describes itself as the first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and advocacy.

Back in July of this year, GMHC issued a report entitled, Gay Men and HIV: An Urgent Priority, in which it offered its analysis and recommendations on combating HIV within the gay community. Note the psycho babble and gobble-de-gook that is used here in an attempt to shift focus onto anyone other than the actual people responsible for the problem.  And also take note at whom the Gay Men’s Health Crisis points their accusing finger of fault and blame.

GMHC Recommendations:

– Address homophobia and anti-gay bias as public health threats that contribute to gay men’s heightened vulnerability to HIV infection.

– Promote family acceptance which strengthens the resiliency within gay youth to better negotiate safer sex practices.

– Support gay-affirming interventions and activities in schools, such as gay-straight alliances and anti-bullying curricula.

– Ensure that age-appropriate sex education programs are implemented and evaluated in schools.

– Research shows that anti-gay stigma is a structural driver of HIV vulnerability among gay men. We should recognize anti-gay prejudice as a public health threat that has public health effects.

Anti-gay bias and homophobia as public health threats. In other words, it’s straight people’s fault!  It’s all you horribly homophobic haters!  According to GMHC, HIV infection has nothing whatsoever to do with gay men’s individual choices and how they live their lives.  And certainly, the alarming rise in infection rates couldn’t possibly have any connection to a gay men’s culture that seems to value, encourage, and promote an irresponsible and promiscuous lifestyle among its members.  Of course not.

When it comes to HIV/AIDS, the gay community and its so-called activist organizations adhere to the sorry slogan: It’s THEM, not US.  It ain’t the tea room trade.  It ain’t the Bath Houses.  It ain’t the play parties.  It’s ain’t the bare backing. It ain’t the condom-less sex.  And it certainly ain’t the cock culture.  No, of course not.

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