Tea Party on the Move: O’Donnell Wins in Delaware!

Another RINO bites the dust!  Christine O’Donnell wins the Republican senatorial primary in Delaware defeating Mike Castle. This come-from-behind stunner is sending shock waves through the smug and complacent ranks of the Republican establishment.  With the faithful in full revolt, Republican head honchos better perk up their ears quickly and give a listen to their constituency.  Because we mean business.

And this thrilling win is yet another victory for Sarah Palin and showcases once again how her endorsement can make all the difference.

Christine O’Donnell also got a lot of support from conservative talk radio.  This morning, Rush Limbaugh spent a lot of time on his program discussing the Delaware primary, making an effective case for Republican voters in Delaware to cast their ballot for O’Donnell.  But on a competing network, conservative talk show host, Michael Medved, tried to make the case for Mike Castle.  His rationale: Republicans should vote for Castle because Castle is sure to defeat Chris Coons, the Democrat candidate, in November. Sorry Michael, but you were so wrong on this one.  Telling conservative Republican voters to throw in the towel during the primary, before the November main event, is a strategy for long-term defeat.  It’s nothing more than a political ploy that only serves the Republican establishment and reinforces their power over the party.  Come November, the people of Delaware will now have two clearly distinct senatorial choices: a big government liberal (Democrat) or a limited government conservative (Republican).

Now let’s all pull together and get Christine O’Donnell elected in November.

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