Scenes from the 9/12 March on Washington

Signs, signs, everywhere there’re signs.  I traveled down to Washington DC over the weekend to attend the 9/12 March and also to meet my compatriot, Glen Amos and his wonderful wife, Wendy.  We had the opportunity to break bread together in the company of six other Tea Party conservatives on Saturday evening at the Capital Grille.  It was a great get-together—good food, good wine, good beer (so I was told), and of course, great conversation.

The March on Sunday was held in dreary, drizzly weather but the rain didn’t dampen the crowd’s enthusiasm and high spirits.  FreedomWorks, the sponsor of the march, featured quite an interesting lineup of speakers who kept the crowds revved up and raucous.

Following are a few of the 9/12 folk and their protest signs that caught our attention.

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