Violence Against Gays in Amsterdam

Multicultural Misunderstanding

There is a disturbing trend of violence against gay men and lesbians in the Netherlands, a trend that continues to be ignored by the Left-leaning bureaucrats who naively adhere to their multicultural mantras.  Despite the rising number of attacks against members of the gay and lesbian community in Amsterdam, politicians and police there seem to be in a permanent state of denial.  Why would a city noted for its openness and tolerance turn a blind eye to such blatant acts of barbarity?  Can anyone take an educated guess?

The rising attacks against gays, lesbians, and Jews in Amsterdam are being perpetrated by, yep, you guessed it, Muslim immigrants.  And the town fathers and mothers seem not to sense the cultural threat to their permissive paradise.  Once proudly hailed as the safe haven hub of an enlightened Europe, Amsterdam is now becoming the Hate Crime Capital of what remains of Western Civilization.

This sad set of circumstances has not gone unchallenged by lesbians and gays in the Netherlands’ well-known city.  On Sunday, gay organizations in Amsterdam conducted a demonstration to protest the violence and to urge city administrators to confront it.  But during the protest, demonstrators themselves were met with acts of aggression and assault.

A demonstration of two thousand gay and lesbians against anti-gay violence Sunday was ruined by a series of incidents. In one of them a demonstrator was injured at the hands of two women believed to be Moroccan.  Afterwards the demonstrator reported the perpetrators to the police. They were both subsequently detained, but set free on Monday….Two boys drove into the crowd several times with their scooter….and a group of lesbians were hit by beer cans that were thrown at their heads, and Right to Feel Safe this morning received four additional reports of verbal abuse and threats.

The only US news outlet that I’m aware of that bothered to publish this story was Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace.  Over at the Advocate, the vigilant voice of the progressive gay community, there was not a peep about the situation in Amsterdam.  However, the Gay Gray Lady did cover a news story from the UK about a British gay man attacked by teenagers who spoke with Irish accents.  Irish accents?  Oh, I get it!  It was progressively correct for the Advocate to cover this particular act of anti-gay violence because the perpetrators were presumed white.  We must not forget the progressive precept of gerrymandering justice: It’s only a vitriolic hate crime when a gay man or lesbian is bashed by white Europeans.  When the mugs are Muslim, well, it’s nothing more than a little multicultural misunderstanding.  Kum ba ya anyone?

The Advocate’s message to gay men and women in Amsterdam, a message echoed by all queer quislings who have been co-opted by progressive patronage, is resonating loud and clear as the Gay Gray Lady declares, Bleed on, brothers and sisters, bleed on!

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2 Responses to Violence Against Gays in Amsterdam

  1. Holly says:

    Bruce Bawer, an American author living in Norway with his husband can attest to the growing violence against gays in Europe perpitrated by the Muslim community. This growing violence, along with rising rates in anti-semitism against the Jewish population in Europe is confronted with silence by the political liberal establishments.

    Gays are a part of the liberal coalition, but because their numbers are so few in comparison to the Muslim community, they are expendable. By allowing themselves to remain relegated to this minority station within the liberal establishment, they are eliminating their ability to retain a voice because liberalism is a fractured coalition of identity groups that remain viable so long as the population continues to grow. The gay population does not grow because it does not procreate, so they will always be an endangered species in a system that depends on a productive and growing minority that can engender their liberal perspective to establish itself as the majority. Gays will never grow, therefore they need to sustain themselves and preserve their rights and the only way to preserve rights for a population that will ALWAYS be in the minority is to establish itself with the party that preserves the individual, regardless of minority or majority status. Conservative parties across the board are echoing a concern for the gay individual against Muslim attacks, but liberals cannot bring themselves to call out and question one of its fastest growing coalition members.

    The gay leadership, much like the “feminist” leadership do not fight to further and protect the rights of gays or women in their individual countries or the collective world, but rather jockey for political power within the liberal establishment. The leadership from both groups understands that they are not to question Islam, which is why you never see the gay community fight against the atrocities against gays in Muslim countries, nor do you see feminists fight the abuses and denial of rights and basic humanity to women under Islamic law.

    • I bought Bruce’s book, Surrender: Appeasing Islam, but haven’t gotten to read it yet. It’s next on my list. And you are right, Holly–the gay ‘leadership’ and the so-called ‘feminist’ organizations have turned their backs on their prime directive. They have abandoned their own. In the global, one-world envionment of today, these groups continue to focus their energies as if it was still 1975.

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