California Businesses Get Down to Business

California has been following the Yellow Brick Road now for a long, long time.  So long in fact, that many of its citizens are foot-sore, disillusioned, and very, very weary.  Whatever the outcome in California’s gubernatorial race, it’s clearly apparent that for the ordinary John and Jane Q. Proprietor the quixotic liberal Land of Oz has ceased to offer any further fascinations.  Their lament can be heard in all state-wide political polls as they cry out for Meg Whitman to click the heels of her sensible slippers and get them the hell out of Hippyville!  And if Ms. Whitman has anything to say in the matter, it will indeed be California, here we come!

California’s business community has taken another big step back to the land of the living. It was announced today in the LA Times that the California Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Meg Whitman. And that endorsement has resulted in the resignations of two of its board members, the President of the University of California and the Chancellor of the California Community College system.

In a statement to the press, the UC President, Mark Yudof, proclaimed: As the president of a public university, I cannot take sides in electoral politics.  I must preserve my politically agnostic status. His ‘politically agnostic’ status?  The head of the UC higher re-education system is ‘politically agnostic’?  Oh, it’s time to laugh aloud.  But what the heck was Mr. Yudof doing on the board of the Chamber of Commerce to begin with?  What would this bureaucrat of a bloated public institution know about running a for-profit business that doesn’t rely on grants, subsidies, student loans, and taxpayer’s hard-earned cash?  It seems the business leadership out in LaLa land has been doing too much California dreamin.

But we live in hope that the general citizenry of California will prove a little more savvy.  And the latest polls show that so far folks out West are leaning toward common sense: Meg Whitman is running ahead of Jerry Brown by 47% to 40%.

If the Republicans can crack that California nut, 2010 will indeed be an election year to remember.

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3 Responses to California Businesses Get Down to Business

  1. Holly says:

    The Chamber of Commerce thankfully endorsed Meg Whitman, who has proven knowledge of the private-sector, but I would like for this institution to be more prominent it its defense of the business community and small businesses in general. The private business needs representation in government and is seldom defended with actual intent to not only foster, but produce an environment of growth, choice, and stability. The voters must remove the political wills’ appetite of an oppressive regulatory force with a political body that engenders a view of the business model like that of the individual. A small business is no different than an individual taxpayer, in that the more you regulate, the more you tax, and the more you dictate behavior, there is less incentive for growth, less cash inflow for growth, and a disabled body that is without choice of a economic model of future investment.

    • Right on target, Holly! How amazing that there are political forces in the US today that still don’t or won’t understand these basic precepts. My gosh, even so-called Communist China has gotten the message.

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