Restoring Honor: The Lesbian Conservative Goes to Washington

What better way to spend a warm muggy Washington DC day than  strolling among your fellow and sister Americans celebrating the rebirth of an honorable nation.  Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, DC on Saturday was a strikingly memorable event. The backdrop of the Lincoln Memorial and the expansive sea of people pouring over the grounds bordering the Reflecting Pool and over onto the lawns of the Washington Monument presented a spectacular sight to savor.   This was the first major Tea Party event that I had attended and it was a phenomenal occasion.

When we arrived at the Memorial, the event was already underway.  A group of us Tea Party enthusiasts had decided to take Amtrak from Philadelphia to Washington DC, expecting to arrive a little after 10 AM.  But always true to form, Amtrak treated its mostly patient passengers to an hour plus delay.  The majority of the passengers on the train, which was sold out, were on their way to the Beck rally.  However, there was at least one fellow traveler who was headed to the Al Sharpton get-together.  An African-American gentleman who had his son in tow, a boy of about 4 or 5 years old, was carrying a protest sign that read: Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are Racists.  Needless to say, one could assume, since we were all going to DC to take part in an event where these two outrageous ‘racists’ were featured personalities, that we too were getting tarred with the same semantic brush.  But hey, this is America, so we all politely chatted and smiled and waited for Amtrak to get its act together.  Another victory for civility.  Finally, we rolled into Union Station at about 11:15 AM.  Everyone hopped into the waiting taxis for the short ride to the Lincoln Memorial, hoping they hadn’t missed the one person that so many of us were eager to hear and perhaps catch a glimpse of.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to hear Sarah Palin’s speech, but we were in time to hear Alveda King, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece and other speakers.  It was impossible to see the stage or anyone on it–we just couldn’t get through the hundreds of thousands of folks who had camped out with coolers and kids for a day of patriotism and a little fun.  What really struck me about the turnout was the intergenerational composition of the crowd.  It was like one colossal backyard family gathering.  Lots of young and middle-aged parents with toddlers and teenagers.  Lots of family tee shirts proclaiming love for our country and respect for our troops.  The crowds were predominately European Americans but Asian Americans and African-Americans were also to be seen and many were wearing Restoring Honor tee shirts.

Walking around the periphery of the Lincoln Memorial crowds, we discovered a small counter-demonstration taking place at 23rd and Constitution.  There were about 30 to 40 people, all white, involved in this protest, most were standing side-by-side holding placards proclaiming the advent of the socialist revolution.  Behind this Maginot line of  marginalized marionettes, was a young woman clasping a loud-speaker that was precariously perched on her head, and next to her, a young man with a microphone in hand haranguing the passers-by.  Decrying the delusions of the Tea Party grassroots groundswell, this budding young Lenin lectured the misguided masses, demanding that we repent of our anti-socialism sins and embrace the one true faith of the Marxist motherland.

As we paused to take in this bit of political pageantry, a woman who seemed to be part of a vacationing family group, attempted to take a photo of the manly speaker and his humble female factotum.  But when this DC tourist pointed her camera at the dedicated duo, one of the members of the Maginot line jumped in front of her, pushing his placard at her camera lens.  The woman, a little taken aback, shifted position and attempted to once again take the photo.  But this in-your-face male Marxist, Champion of the People, pushed his sign at her camera yet again.  When the woman’s husband and her two teenage sons walked over to see what was going on, Mr. Marxist very quickly moved back to the Maginot line and Mom was then free to take her photo.  What this aggressive ‘activist’ punk was thinking and why he felt compelled to harass this very ordinary woman, one can only surmise.  But this sad and silly scenario spoke more loudly than the loudspeaker lout hawking his Left-wing lexicon.  I think the Socialist/Marxist movement could use some timely instruction on how NOT to look like a bunch of elitist male chauvinist thugs.

At the end of the day, our group headed back to Union Station.  And what a sight awaited us!  The station was absolutely mobbed with Restoring Honor rallyers.  Tea Party patriots carrying American flags and Gadsden flags.  Women, men, and children wearing patriotic tee shirts. Lots of supporters who came incognito clothing-wise, chatting to strangers, smiling and nodding at each other in mutual recognition.  We jammed the restaurants, we poured through the Mall, we packed the platforms.  And of course, all the vendors hawking their Tea Party paraphernalia and making a small fortune the good old American way.

It was a great day.  It was an empowering day.  It was our day.  I can’t wait for November.

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6 Responses to Restoring Honor: The Lesbian Conservative Goes to Washington

  1. bunkerville says:

    Thanks for a good review of the happenings! Rock on… November is almost here~

  2. Terry R says:

    The progressives have used “division politics” for decades with not only the Black community, but with all racial groups, religions, heterosexuals vs. LGBTQ, socio-economic groups, etc. This is a DELIBERATE tactic used by the progressives; While the electorate bicker about and fight over the few “crumbs” the progressives toss down to the various groups, the bigger issues dealing with the integrity of our Constitution, National Security, the economy, foreign policy, etc. continue to be eroded to this day!

    Now that the obama “Chicago style” machine is in bed with bug-eyed Pelosi and the snake Reed, the reality of what they are shoving down our throats has moved into hyper-speed! To think that a bill can be passed and signed without reading it is appalling! To hear bug-eyed Pelosi actually state: “We don’t know what’s IN the bill until we pass it” should be a wake up call to what the progressive agenda is really about! It’s NOT about what’s good for “the people” … it’s about what’s good for the progressives and their unabashed thrust for power!

    I am feeling a bit more optimistic in that many of the voters across all party lines are beginning to “SEE” the writing on the wall if we continue this progressive path. I work in Oakland, CA and now my co-workers are even beginning to question the obama-pelosi-reed agenda! The “hope and change” mantra has become: “WE HOPE WE HAVE CHANGE!”

    While obama likes to talk about the accomplishments of President Lincoln, I might remind the “prez” while he is on yet another vacation to think about this quote: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

    • An incisive summary, Terry. I too am feeling a bit optimistic–many folks I know who voted for Obama are voting republican in November. Even within lesbian circles there are doubts about the Obama agenda. I like this kind of hope and change.

  3. Glen A. Amos says:

    We got to the event at 5 AM and loved every minute of our time there.

    What a shameful disservice that African-American father is doing to his son, teaching another generation to be racist. He could have taken his son to the Beck gathering and been surrounded by half a million soles who would have welcomed them. The father preferred to instill hatred and anger. That is sad.

    A tsunami is heading toward the liberal/progressives and race baiters. In their ignorance they see the water pulling away from the shore and run toward it. We will begin sweeping them away come November.

    • Unfortunately, there are too many African Americans who follow the leadership of Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous and all the other race baiters. I take comfort in the fact that the turnout for the Sharpton gig was only a couple of hundred people. But like my progressive sisters in the Lesbian community, these folks are living in their own hermetically sealed bubble, their view of the world going untested and unchallenged. And their mindsets have become part of the ruling landscape in government, media, and education. They are absolutely freaked at this come-out-of-nowhere challenge to their power. And their usual bag of tricks to eradicate dissent aren’t working. In fact, these tactics are only eroding more of their power. I’m lovin it.

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