It’s Islam, Stupid!

The frenzied Islamophiles, those agnostic New Age Social Justice Gendarmes who regard the US Constitution as nothing more than 18th century toilet tissue, are attempting to teach Americans all about the First Amendment.  Oh rapture, oh joy!  Another lesson in Left-leaning tolerance from the leading members of the Neville Chamberlain Association for World Peace and Understanding.  Could there be anything more instructive than a smug fuzzy-headed liberal learn-in orchestrated by our sanctimonious superiors.

The Ground Zero Mosque controversy rages on and instead of tossing this topic to the back-burner of the news and talk circuits, the frothing fanatics on the Left have flamed the fires of this flap even further.  And although the polls proclaim that more and more Americans are opposed to this galling grotesquerie, the Lamestream Media keeps on keepin on: sermonizing, censuring, rebuking, scolding, haranguing, and otherwise holding forth on the wrong side of this populous issue.  Their contemptuous TV Teach-Ins groan on even as the Autumn Armageddon looms ever larger on the horizon.  The poor benighted buggers just can’t seem to help themselves.  And let’s not forget the debt of gratitude we owe to their belligerent buddy, Feisal Abdul Rauf, for his impeccable timing in bringing this election season show-stopper to the public stage.  As Jackie Gleason was wont to say, How sweet it is!

In answer to all the liberal mental mush passing itself off as ‘thought’, Clifford May had a great article in the National Review today entitled: Muslims + Mainstream Media = Madness.  Here are some of his clear and clipped comebacks in response to the accusations that somehow Americans wrongly believe that Islam is more likely to encourage violence against non-believers than other faiths:

Goodness, why would anyone think that?  Could it have something to do with the fact that there have been close to 16,000 terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam since 9/11?  Just last month, Time had on its cover the photograph of an 18-year-old Afghan girl whose nose and ears were sliced off by members of the Taliban because she had violated Islamic religious law as they interpret it by “running away from her husband’s house.”  The word “Taliban” means “the students.”  Students of what?   Engineering?  Dentistry?  No.  Of Islam.

Let’s say it one more time loudly for the media moguls in the cheap seats: Most Muslims are not terrorists.  But in the 21st century, most of those slaughtering women and children in the name of religion are Muslims.  This is a movement.  This is a reality.  And it is a problem.  It ought to be seen by Muslims as very much their problem—a pathology within their community, within the “Muslim world,” within the ummah.

‘Pathology’, a very good descriptor.  And a descriptor that should also be applied to the rabid anti-American hatred festering within Left-wing confines.

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