The Rising Tide of Conservative Feminism

Lambasting the Left!

Look out Lefty ladies, a great big groundswell of Right Women is rising up across America and this surging tidal wave of rip-roaring resolve is rolling across the political landscape.  But I think you know that already.  You feel it, don’t you?  You sense it.  Something big, something new, something ferocious coming RIGHT at you.  No matter your sniggers and all your silly snoots, we know the real reason for all the nasty name-calling cahoots.  More and more misses and plenty of matrons are wise to that malodorous wind laughingly called ‘women’s liberation’.  Here’s a sample of reflections from your step sisters in struggle.

The article by Dana Loesch in Sunday’s Washington Examiner captures the contempt that so many Right women have for the decadent disciples of faux feminism and their two-faced ideology.

This past month, liberal feminists made more hay over Palin’s “mama grizzlies” talk than the matter of the Food and Drug Administration jerking Avastin off the market (breast cancer drug)….Liberal feminists made more hay about Palin’s chest than I saw them make over the nine women who were recently stoned to death in the Middle East….Liberal women complain about unemployment, yet promote policies which stifle the free market, suppress economic growth and shrink their wallets.

And Laura Brod’s article in the Greenroom at Hot Air, The Little Glass Box of the Liberal Left, nicely describes the progressive display case within which the ladies of the Left seek to forever trap American womanhood.

For decades now we have talked about the glass ceiling women once faced, and to a certain extent still do. But I am more worried about the glass box that liberal feminists have placed women and “women’s issues” in, all tied up with a pretty pink bow. That glass box is all about keeping women and “women’s issues” firmly in their place on the left side of the political spectrum….

….The feminists of the past and present should be appalled at what these self-proclaimed women’s groups are doing in relegating the support of women to second tier or third tier issues….Finding and supporting strong, smart, and bold women of diverse thought ought to at least be as important or even more important to a feminist group claiming to support women candidates.

And as this conservative wave of free-flowing feminism rises to meet the Tea Party tide in November, you will get your first good look at the future of the women’s movement.  Say, Howdy! to the new face of grassroots girl power.

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