Code Pink Gets Code Pinked

Code Pink cofounder, Jodie Evans, got a taste of her own militant medicine when demonstrators showed up at her home on Saturday to protest the fundraiser she was hosting for Jerry Brown, Democrat candidate for the California governorship.  Organized by the pro-troop movement, Move America Forward, the demonstration caused quite a ruckus at the suburban Venice home of this Code Pinko promoter.

Protestors blocked the entrance to Evan’s home by laying down in front of the entrance gate forcing the invited guests, mostly wealthy celebrities, to step over the demonstrators’ bodies.  The guest of honor, Jerry ‘I left my spine in San Francisco’ Brown, scurried into the house through the back door.  Needless to say, Ms. Evans was not pleased at finding herself the picked upon target of her very own Code Pink tactics.  Visibly angry and flustered, Ms. Evans had heated words for Melanie Morgan, founder of Move America Forward and organizer of the protest.  And in return, Ms. Morgan had some sizzling syllables of her own to share with the Quisling Queen of the anti-American scene.

This small but quite effective pushback protest signifies just how powerful we can be when we move beyond the defensive and the reactive and take to the political playing field with an aggressive offense.  The fact that Ms. Evans was flustered and unprepared for the conservative counter-move displayed at her fundraiser, shows just how predictably passive we on the Right have been over the course of previous decades.  Such targeted take-to-the-street activism has been an almost exclusive tool pulled from the Left’s bag of political tricks.  Melanie Morgan and her co-patriots shook-up the smug self-appointed potentates of Code Pink.  Hopefully, this is just the beginning of more conservative surprises for the Lefty elite.

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  1. I have just linked your site to mine. I am happy to find like minded web sites. We are blogging in the same universe.
    Jeff Goldwater
    The Goldwater Report

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