PA Senate Race: Toomey Extends Lead

At the end of July, Rasmussen’s poll showed Pat Toomey, Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s senate seat, leading Joe Sestak, his Democrat opponent, by 45% to 39%.  Today, Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Toomey’s lead over Sestak has extended with the percentages standing at 45% to 36%.

PPP’s analysis of the sliding poll numbers for Joe Sestak places the blame squarely at the presidential feet of Barack Obama.

The biggest key to the race is probably Obama’s considerably fallen popularity.  His approval rating (in Pennsylvania) stands at only 40% with 55% of voters disapproving of him, one of the biggest declines from 2008 performance we’ve seen for him anywhere in the country….there are also more people who voted for Obama but disapprove of him now in Pennsylvania than there are most places….there is indeed almost a total correlation between how voters feel about Obama and how they’re planning to cast their ballots this Fall.

Joe Sestak defeated Arlen Specter, one time Democrat, one time Republican, one time Democrat, in the Democrat senatorial primary this year.  Disillusioned Dems, looking for a fresh liberal loving face, as opposed to the self-promoting countenance of the ever artful Arlen Specter, chose Sestak to be their new progressive pallbearer for Pennsylvania.

Let’s make sure this corrupted casket of rotting Lefty leftovers gets the deep six on November 2nd.  Vote for Pat Toomey.

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