Serial Killer is a Palestinian Arab

The Victim Card

It’s bad enough when the Lamestream media hides crucial facts from the American people, such as the racial/ethnic identity of a serial killer.  But when police departments deliberately fail to mention the ethnicity or skin complexion of a knife-wielding killer wanted for the murders of African-Americans, you got to know our culture is contaminated with a deadly dose of progressive poison.

Elias Abuelazam, a Palestinian Arab living illegally in the US, was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the stabbing murders of 5 African-Americans and the wounding of another 20 victims in a rampage that covered three states.  Apparently, official descriptions of Abuelazam issued to the public failed to include the suspect’s Middle Eastern origin—a descriptive factor that you’d think would top the list of identifying features when trying to alert the public to the presence of a dangerous felon.  Well, we all know the reason for this reticular reticence.

In Propagandaville, MSNBC heralded the fact that Abuelazam was an ‘Israeli’, curiously curtailing the more crucial points that he was a Palestinian Arab.  Identifying Mr. Abuelazam as an Israeli conveniently left the impression with the MSNBC fan club that this murderous perpetrator was Jewish.  In Propagandaville, such media manipulation is called ‘managing the masses’.  Making sure all us dolts and dopes get the processed pablum of the progressive party line.  It’s the Anti-American Aristocracy at its benighted best.

In the Left’s lame latitudes of the mind, hateful incidents perpetrated by members of anointed victim groups are just isolated bits of unfortunate fate that should be played down or not acknowledged at all, especially if the hateful acts are committed against other victimettes in competing societal silos. After all, the Liberal Elites can’t have the lower orders developing damning doubts about the multicultural ideology.  But let the perpetrator be of white European descent and all Left-wing hell breaks loose.  Forget all the phony BS about isolated acts and fickle fate.  The Liberal hue and cry proclaiming white race guilt and white race punishment become the screaming mantra of the day:  Bring on the special legislation!  Demand the diversity indoctrination!  This racial double standard so permeates the Left-wing mindset that these indoctrinized dunces never challenge or question the racist assumptions that prop-up their hate-filled harangues.

But the Abuelazam crimes and other incidents that have occurred of late clearly demonstrate the rips and tears that will eventually pull apart the progressive patchwork of special interests. The Left’s sacred victim groups, generally developed along racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation lines, as well as that dump-all delineation of Third World Wunderkind, are finding themselves uncomfortably stitched together in the loony Left’s multicultural quilt.  And surprise, surprise!  Many members of these poor me platoons do not see themselves living in blissful harmony with the goals, values, and lifestyles of their fellow Travelers in Travail.  And within these victim groupings themselves, there is a loosening of the cohesive solidarity that was once taken for granted.

The global multicultural paradise proclaimed by the progressives is proving to be more of a perpetual purgatory—the Left-wing Promised Land is nothing more than a media mirage.

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3 Responses to Serial Killer is a Palestinian Arab

  1. Michelle L says:

    I too was incensed that they referred to Abuelazam as Isreali! He is a Palestinian Arab terrorist! The Newspeak is going to kill me.

    • I agree–it is infuriating, Michelle. MSNBC is so stuck in the Lefty dogma they can’t comprehend the fact that there are other news sources out there and other alternatives for folks. But their first priority is always to support the progressive party line no matter what. Well, it should be interesting to see if that Left-wing niche they’re attempting to exploit pans out for them in the long term.

    • Terry R says:


      I just got off the phone with my mother in Texas and she kept saying that Abuelazam was Israeli as well. She is an 80-something Republican! Go figure … she watches the lame-stream media! I told her that the terrorist IS NOT an Isreali and that he IS Muslum! She said she would check it out! As a “RIGHT-minded” woman, my mom appologized to me about her mistake … I just told her to listen closer to FOX NEWS! HA

      It’s no wonder the media is painting this terrorost as an Isreali … how in the hell can they “spin” a Muslum terrorist slashing African Americans in about three states (so far)! I’s like to hear what the Black Panthers and Farrakhan say about their “brother” who had been referred to as “Jack the Ripper” in the press! So far … NOT ONE PEEP!

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