Tea Party Candidates Sweep Primaries

After listening to all the pathetic hype from the Lamestream Media over the victory of Michael Bennet in the Democrat primary in Colorado, I think it’s time to get a little real.  If the only Obama song that the Left has to sing is this pitiful bit of paltry piffle, then Mr. O is indeed in deep do-do.  What the boys and girls in Propagandaville failed to mention was the stunning win for Ken Buck in the Republican primary for the self-same senatorial seat in Colorado.  With the support of FreedomWorks and other Tea Party patriots, Buck whomped the butt of a political insider.  Following is FreedomWorks summary of our win in Colorado and other key states.

Ken Buck, another FreedomWorks PAC Champion of Freedom, has won the Colorado Republican Senate primary, making FreedomWorks-endorsed Senate candidates winners in a stunning 6 out of 6 primaries!

Despite being outspent 4 to 1 by GOP party insider and big government advocate Jane Norton, Buck’s grassroots base delivered a historic 52%-48% victory that once again showed the power of the Tea Party Movement. Norton was a supporter of the infamous Referendum C in 2005, which suspended Colorado’s state spending limits for five years and spent $3.7 billion of taxpayer refund money, marking it the biggest tax increase in the state’s history.

FreedomWorks PAC drew from its membership base of more than 9,000 strong in Colorado to develop a grassroots campaign that led the way in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts on behalf of Buck.

Last night another Champion of Freedom, Tom Graves, defeated former state Sen. Lee Hawkins and will likely go unchallenged in the Georgia 9th district general election. This news comes just one week after two more of our PAC-endorsed candidates, Justin Amash and Tim Walberg, won their respective Michigan Republican House primary races. Our endorsed candidates are now a perfect 11 for 11 when they have signed the Contract From America.

Voters in Colorado, Georgia and Michigan have sent a clear message to the GOP: Support candidates who are fiscal conservatives or continue to face primary challenges and risk losing our support on November 2.

Fiscal conservatism is on the march.  RINOs and DEMOs beware!

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2 Responses to Tea Party Candidates Sweep Primaries

  1. Glen A. Amos says:

    This is all good news indeed.

    Now if Hoffman can win in NY 23 over the RNC elitist supported RINO in the Republican primary maybe…MAYBE the RNC will finally see the light. No, that is asking too much. Still, it would be a slap upside their face and I would get much vicarious joy from it.

    We are going to have to fight them all the way. It will be a two-front war until we defeat those in both Parties who intend to rule over us.

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