Revolutionary Chic: How to Prosper By Hating Your Country

Now that the Left-wing terrorist, William Ayers, has announced his retirement from the ‘education’ department at the University of Illinois after a 20-year stint as a full Professor of Indoctrination, one wonders where next our lionized Lefty will drop his load of progressive poop.  Will he serve as a political appointee for our faux pas president?  Will he join the jokingly journalistic ranks of MSNBC to whip up more laughingly liberal lather?  Or will he fly south to take up the cause of classroom activism for that Chavez chump?  Well, whatever Blow Em Up Billy chooses to do next, you can rest assured that he’ll get a nice upper class pension so he can continue to live in his nice upper class home in that nice upper class neighborhood.  The white boys’ revolutionary chic, where the rhetoric and the dead never get in the way of getting ahead.

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