FreedomWorks and Dick Armey

Want to do your bit to fight the pestilence that has infested the social and political fabric of America?  Want to fight back against the big government gulag but not sure what to do?  Feeling glooming about America’s future?  Then take the time to check out FreedomWorks—your first stop on the way to raising your awareness, your hopes, and your resolve.

FreedomWorks is an organized grassroots activist organization whose goal, quite simply put, is to take back America.  The Chairman of FreedomWorks is Dick Armey, former Republican US Representative from Texas and House Majority Leader.  Mr. Armey has an interesting background.  He was raised on a farm in North Dakato, followed a career in academia as a PhD Professor of Economics, and then entered the political arena.  He is now one of our leading generals in the battle for America.

FreedomWorks has partnered with Glenn Beck in sponsoring the Take Back America Convention and Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC on August 27th and 28th.  Take the time to visit their website—this organization has its act together.  Learn how you can be a part of the great wave of patriotism washing across this country.

Following is a summary of FreedomWork’s goals and values in Taking Back America.

Our nation has been co-opted by far left special interests like Big Labor, radical environmental groups, and socialist political organizations like and ACORN.

Sure, they have the willing support of radicals like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, but they’ve achieved the “success” they have today by mobilizing activists to put pressure on politicians of all stripes and forcing them to support their agenda — or else. They’ll take out any politician in any party for not following their principles.

If free market fiscal conservatives are to have any hope of Taking America Back, we need to follow the same model. And FreedomWorks is expert at doing just that.

What makes us so unique is not our employees or our leadership. We are ultimately defined by our grassroots volunteers — a nationwide network of more than 900,000 concerned citizens like you who are committed to fighting for lower taxes, less government and more freedom.

Most recently we’ve worked closely with the Tea Party movement, providing strategic support and helping them grow. But between now and November, our focus must shift to converting these fiery protests into Election Day victories.

We need to replace the Big Government politicians entrenched in BOTH PARTIES with principled limited-government conservatives. And our Take America Back campaign is a comprehensive plan to make that happen.

The FreedomWorks family of organizations is uniquely positioned to pull off this massive political realignment.

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