Protest Signs: Online Tea Party Kits

For those activists who might need a helping hand when it comes to creating your protest sign, well, I found a great site online that sells protest sign kits that are easy to put together and very affordable.  Tea Party Sign Kits offers a couple of types of sign kits that should suit your need or inclination.

I recently bought several of their Stik Kits.  These are basically ready to go signs—all you have to do is slide the pvc pipe between the coroplast sign blanks.  The pvc pipe has velcro attached to the ends and it adheres to the velcro strips glued on the inside of the sign blanks.  And just like that, your sign is ready to go.  The coroplast allows you to use dry erase markers which means you can re-create your sign’s message as the inspiration strikes.  You can also use perm markers, decals, paint, etc.  The pvc pipe has a foam rubber grip making it comfortable to hold for an extended period. What I really like about this sign kit is that you can write a message on both sides of the blank giving your message a lot of visibility.

Check out the website at

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