Hate Speech Codes: The Death of Academia

Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr. Kenneth Howell, has been temporarily reinstated after being terminated by the University of Illinois under their Hate Speech code.  Dr. Howell was fired from his Religious Studies teaching position because he dared to outline the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality in an email to his students in preparation for an exam in the Introduction to Catholicism course.  Apparently, one of the students took offense at Dr. Howell’s comments and complained to university authorities.  Also, Dr. Howell seems to have made it clear, both in his email to his students and in discussions with the university, that he is in agreement with Catholic teachings on homosexuality.

Quite frankly, I care not a hoot what Dr. Howell’s personal beliefs are or that he might be sharing his opinions with his students.  If men and women in a university setting can not handle what should be the diverse views of faculty members and fellow students then perhaps these pinhead pupils should cease the puffed-up pretense of academic scholarship and get their prissy butts out into the real world of work.

One has to wonder if the University of Illinois would have fired a professor of Islamic studies for outlining Islamic views on homosexuality.  Somehow I think the university would have created a convenient compromise to accommodate the Muslim mandate.

Hate Speech codes are nothing more than a progressive ploy to hobble any open discussion on hot topics of the day. Instead of silencing debate on these conflicts of contemporary culture, universities should serve as the springboard for controversial viewpoints, encouraging a frank and open forum.  Today, fronting as academic centers, the university reeducation camps create a cocoon-like environment for a cosseted student body where the Tyranny of Inclusivity rides roughshod over academic curricula.

If you would like to show your support for Dr. Howell, please visit Facebook and the Save Dr. Ken campaign.  One small step in taking back our taxpayer supported colleges and universities.

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