Hymen Hedging: Muslim Women and Virginity

Like A Virgin

Muslim women living a Western lifestyle in Great Britain have been enjoying the free and easy hustle and bustle of the work-a-day UK.  Embracing the myriad opportunities offered to them as students, workers, and up-and-coming professionals, these liberated Muslim Madonnas have been basking in the casual camaraderie of a modern culture.  But this new found feminist freedom isn’t getting approving applause from their male Muslim counterparts, at least not when it comes to that age old monopoly, the marriage market.  The Ms Muslim lifestyle comes a-crashin when those old fashioned wedding bell blues descend upon our liberal lassies.  So why the abrupt about face? Because for Muslim women living in the UK, getting married still means a male entitlement to their virginity.  In other words, no hymen, no husband.

Now what’s a girl to do who’s been straddling a world or two?  Well, here comes the British medical establishment to the rescue.  Virginity ‘repair’ operations are now a sought after procedure.  Paying up to 4,000 pounds to have the surgery performed privately, many Muslim women are seeking their new lease on married life by getting a vagina make-over.  And some women are so desperate to prove a counterfeit virginity that they’re buying phony ‘chastity certificates’ in hopes of convincing the apple of their eye that they are indeed undamaged produce.

Not everyone in Britain is blase about the hymen hawking, including moderate Muslim groups who fear this is just another form of radical Islam taking root in the West.  Imam Doctor Taj Hargey, Chairman of the Muslim Educational Centre in Oxford, had this to say:

It is very disappointing that Muslim women in this country feel they need to lead a double life, resorting to subterfuge surgery…that is not conducive to either their psychological or spiritual health and it is hypocrisy and a double standard because Muslim men are doing as they please with women…The Muslim community should be confronting the issue rather than pretending it is not happening.
Well, I don’t see the Muslim community in Britain confronting much of anything about their old world culture.  They’ve been too busy confronting us Westerners about ours.

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