American Revolution 2010: This Summer’s Must Read

If you’ve been shaking your head trying to figure out where all these Tea Party people have come from and what the heck they’re all about, then I can suggest the perfect primer to unravel your Tea Party perplexity.  American Revolution 2010 by Glen A. Amos will not only give you a slap-down, no frills summary of the insidious influences threatening the liberties and values of our American republic, it will also provide a provocative preview of the depth of passion, dedication, and determination of these new American heroes.

Glen Amos is a typical middle-class American who resides in north-central California.  And like most Americans, Glen has spent his adult life working hard to provide for his family.  Glen is also a small business owner living in the real world of hardball competition; he knows what it takes to earn his daily bread within the whirlwind atmosphere of today’s economic climate.  Glen is representative of so many average Americans who are enthusiastically answering their country’s call to political arms.

Glen’s AR 2010 succinctly states the basic foundational tenets of the Tea Party movement, explaining just why this grassroots political revival is sweeping the nation:

The Tea Party Patriots are as diverse as the American people themselves.  We respect one another’s individual beliefs and, as such, the TPP does not address or endorse social issues.  What unites us all is our staunch respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, belief in fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets, and a government that answers to the people.

Told in a casual straightforward tone that makes this book an easy read, AR 2010 provides a clear synopsis of the major issues that have stoked the angry fires of the Tea Party conflagration.  From the fiscal fiascoes of federal bailouts to the Most Wanted profiles of notorious congressional Lefties and their ratty RINO sidekicks, AR 2010 is a concise smack-down of the suicidal scheme that threatens to grow an even greater governmental Goliath.

So as the 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington approaches, get yourself in gear with a little TPP consciousness-raising reading.  Get a copy of Glen’s book and then come join your compatriots at the Washington Monument for a day-long celebration of E Pluribus Unum.

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2 Responses to American Revolution 2010: This Summer’s Must Read

  1. Carl J. Bowers says:

    Your review is right on target. I’ve read it twice and couldn’t put this book down on both reads. It is clear, concise and supported by factual data. It should be read by every freedom loving American. If you’re not sure what’s happening to this wonderful country of ours, this book will provide great clarity. And if you’re already aware, it will strengthen your resolve.

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