Race Hustlers: NAACP and the New Black Panthers

The NAACP has declared the Tea Party movement to be ‘racist’.  In the not too recent past, such a pronouncement from a staid black organization such as the NAACP would have dealt a death blow to the object of black ire.  But today, me thinks the race card has been played so many times and for so many unscrupulous and unethical reasons that it has become the joker of the Left-wing’s political house of cards. One must ask if any declaration issuing forth from the NAACP, this anachronistic holdover from the 1950s, is even relevant today given this organization’s past tense paradigm of the social and political landscape of 21st century America.

Tunku Varadarajan, a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute and a Professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, asked this same question the other day in an article written for The Daily Beast.  I wasn’t aware The Daily Beast ever ventured forth from its Democrat den of eternal intellectual hibernation, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Varadarajan’s scathing blog entry on the NAACP’s declaration.  Noting that Michelle Obama had served as the keynote speaker for the annual gathering of the Black community’s political brain trust, Varadarajan voiced disdain for this out-of-date organization that is seemingly trapped in a racial time warp.  From ridiculing their antediluvian name to slicing through their Jim Crow victim-hood cult, his comments score a direct hit.  Here are some tidbits.

Colored: Who the heck says that in the America of today?  Which is why no member of this once courageous black organization will spell out its full name…If black Americans are suffering due to our current economic woes, Obama’s own policies are hardly helping them.  The NAACP can’t bitch about ‘The Man’ anymore because ‘The Man’ is Obama.  And so instead it turns its racially monolithic vituperation on the Tea Party, which has never been in power and has had no impact on the economic condition of black Americans except to advocate policies that would likely improve the standard of living of all Americans, blacks included…So here we have the Tea Party, one of the nation’s most organic, Athenian, democratic movements, being attacked by a political organization, the NAACP, that is among the most sclerotic, dinosaurian, and cadaverous of America’s political groupings.

And I think that about says it all for the NAACP.  Now let’s take a few giant steps down the ladder  of civilization and cop a look at the New Black Panthers.  This pathetic and paranoid pack of racist thugs swish around in paramilitary gear sporting big bad batons so they can intimidate elderly evil white women attempting to exercise their constitutional right to vote.  If not for the violent rhetoric and the belligerent bullyboy tactics, you would burst out laughing at these sad sacks of political anti-activism.  I don’t think these boastful buffoons share one fully functioning brain among them.  And the depth of their dumbness is only accentuated by all that pseudo-macho mummery.  Kill Whitey isn’t exactly a sophisticated strategy to gain whatever these homeboy honky haters are attempting to achieve.  But perhaps the machismo show: the uniforms, the strutting, the physical intimidation, the boasting, the bullying, perhaps it’s all of these puerile posturings that serve as both means and end game for these go-nowhere-ghetto-gits.  As in all fascist outfits, members find a fake sense of power and importance within the group that they haven’t been able to achieve in their personal lives.  Does the word loser come to mind?

To justify their existence and to keep the race bucks flowing into their bank accounts, groups like the New Black Panthers and the NAACP, have to perpetuate a vision of America that doesn’t equate with reality.  Forever locked in some hazy pre-Civil Rights decade of a bygone era, these groups cling to a Jim Crow past, holding on tenaciously to a world that no longer exists.  But America has moved on and that is why the cry of racist today no longer brings the automatic icy chill of cultural censure.  America is hip to the race gambit, thanks in part to a Left-wing media that has dramatically over-played its heavy hand.  So bring on the slimy accusations—America is no longer listening.  As Bob Dylan once croaked: The Times They Are A-Changin.

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