Hillary Clinton for President?

Coming Back to Haunt Obama

Pete DuPont’s out-there article in the Wall Street Journal today must have been greeted with some vigorous nods of approval from Democrats, if indeed there are Democrats who actually read the Journal.  Dupont suggested that the only salvation for dog-eared Democrats in 2012 is the resurrection of Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.  Or at the very least, adding Clinton to the ticket as Obama’s running mate in 2012.  The whisper-down-the-lane campaign apparently is in full flow, with the Day Dreaming Dems desperately casting about for another messianic miracle worker.  With predicted devastation looming in the 2010 elections in November, pressure will only increase on the Democrat Party to cut itself free from that arrogant anti-American albatross hanging round its neck.

If she is looking to maneuver herself onto the presidential podium, then Mrs. Clinton has indeed played her political cards cleverly so far.  She accepted defeat back in 2008 as graciously as possible considering she was vilified as a racist by the Obama Hope and Change Crusade.  And as Secretary of State, she’s been the quintessential team player, keeping her mouth shut and not stepping on any sensitive White House toes.  If her strategy was to sit back and let that incompetent upstart from Chicago blunder along, pushing his college dorm bull session scenarios onto the American public, then she couldn’t have chosen a more effective game plan.  If she continues to lay low and let the party machine do the dirty work, she can position herself as the saving grace for real Democratic presidential hope and change in 2012.

And she’ll have a lot of support from middle-of-the-road Democrats and of course from all those PUMAs out there stalking the political hinterland.  Now revitalized and restyled into People United Means Action, as opposed to the defensive moniker of Party Unity My Ass, these female fanciers of a Hillary presidency have not quietly limped off into some foggy nether world of non sequiturs.  To the contrary, these ladies are alive and well and very angry.  They are also very politically active and very committed.  They have not forgotten nor forgiven what they see as the outright theft of the party’s nomination by the Obama bandits.  Just check out PUMApac.org and read some of the articles and comments there. This is a high traffic site that will give you an idea of just how motivated these Hillary supporters are.

As to the notion that Clinton could join the Obama ticket in 2012 as the VP, pushing Joe Biden off his vaudeville stage, well, I’m not sure that Ms Hillary will choose to serve as savior for a failing administration, especially one that stole her nomination.  And quite frankly, why would she choose to play VP poodle to a bumbling boob like Obama?  If Hillary is going to make any kind of political move it will be for bigger stakes than playing handmaiden to Barack Hussein Obama.  Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm.

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