Polanski: Pedophile Goes Free

Swiss Cheese Justice

Roman Polanski, child rapist, will Not be extradited to the United States to face justice. Apparently, expecting a wealthy creative progressive type to be held to the same standards of decency, not to mention statutes of law, as all us lowly no-account peasants is an outrageous insult to the divine right of aristocratic Left-wing privilege.  How dare the moronic masses expect this anointed one to be nailed to the maudlin middle-class cross of bourgeois morality!

Of course, we all know that if the guilty party had been a Catholic priest, his sorry butt would have been shipped back to the States faster than the Swiss could have yodeled Get this pervert out of here!

The beat goes on…like a bad Monty Python skit, the liberals nudge-nudge, wink-wink their way across the globe extolling the political sacredness of women and children while sniggering behind their snotty hands at the sexual exploits of their Lefty lads.  But hey, it’s not as if they ever claimed to care about real people.  They’ve only sung the praises of THE People, that anonymous and bloodless political blob serving as the moral stooge for social justice chicanery.

No wonder the raping and sodomizing of a little girl by one of their own doesn’t register on the moral radar screen of the Left-wing elite.

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3 Responses to Polanski: Pedophile Goes Free

  1. bunkerville says:

    He already pleaded quilty back when… so why they are not sending him over tells us what the value of children are.Transcript over at Bunkerville. Good post!

  2. Glen Amos says:

    If Polanski was a black man, Eric Holder would be filing suit against the victim.

    I threw away my Swiss Army knife in protest last night. Guess I will have to go to Crate n’ Barrel to buy a spoon and knife. I’m not sure where to buy scissors and tweezers. Maybe Sears? Never used them all that much anyway ceptn to cut my wife’s hair and pull ticks off my dog.

    Guess maybe I ain’t one of them Left-wing elites afterall.

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