Polls Again Proclaim: Tea Party Values Mainstream

Workers Unite!

A quick tour around today’s Rasmussen Polls:

*56% of Americans Oppose DOJ’s Challenge to the Arizona Immigration Law

*61% of Americans Favor a similar Immigration in their State

*60% of Americans Favor Repeal of Obama’s Healthcare Law

*67% of Americans say Cities have No Right to ban handguns

*60% of Americans Favor Off-Shore Drilling

And a tell-all summary of the mood of Americans in general when it comes to government and the spending of their money:

Most Americans are not willing to pay higher taxes to prevent layoffs of government employees.  Most are also unwilling to pay higher taxes to maintain entitlement programs for low-income Americans, to provide more money for education, or to put more police and firefighters on the payroll.

In other words, we’ve had enough.  The people who struggle to work a job, work a career, pay their bills after taxes, and raise a family, care for friends, and contribute to their various communities are getting sick and tired of being smeared, guilt-tripped, demonized, and marginalized.  And come November, we’re gona show you just how sick and tired we are.  As Radar would say, Wait for it

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