NHS Revolution: Letting Doctors Treat Patients

Heralded as the biggest revolution in the British National Health Service since its inception some 60 years ago, ‘tens of thousands’ of bureaucratic administrative jobs at the NHS will be slashed as an aggressive maneuver to fix the struggling UK health service.

Getting the axe are the governmental employees working for the 150 primary care trusts and strategic health authorities, the healthcare gatekeepers who control the primary care purse strings and the patient treatment decisions.  The 80 billion pounds in budgetary funds will now be under the control of the General Practitioners who actually treat the patients as opposed to the paper pushers at the NHS.  And the ‘key decisions about how patients will be cared for’ will also be placed in the hands of the patients’ doctors.

Giving physicians the power to treat their patients without interference from bureaucratic know-nothings is what passes in the UK today as a revolution.  And it only took 60 years for the British nanny-fanny fanatics to figure out the obvious.

And here in the USA, the Liberal Left-wing Brigade charges forth into the Death Valley of Socialized Medicine.  Neither facts to the right of them, facts to the left of them, nor facts behind them can impede their vainglorious gallop into the Jaws of Debt.  Theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.  Charge It!

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