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Hymen Hedging: Muslim Women and Virginity

Muslim women living a Western lifestyle in Great Britain have been enjoying the free and easy hustle and bustle of the work-a-day UK. But this new found feminist freedom isn’t getting approving applause from their male Muslim counterparts, at least not when it comes to that age old monopoly, the marriage market. Continue reading

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American Revolution 2010: This Summer’s Must Read

If you’ve been shaking your head trying to figure out where all these Tea Party people have come from and what the heck they’re all about, then I can suggest the perfect primer to unravel your Tea Party perplexity. Continue reading

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Ireland to Homeowners: You’ve Got the Right to Shoot

Ireland’s Home Defense Bill will go into effect later this year and will give Irish homeowners the legal right to use guns to defend themselves if they are attacked. Continue reading

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Conservatives of Color: Uni-Tea Celebration at Independence Mall

Don’t think there are people of color with conservative values? Doubt there are African-Americans who advocate for limited government? Then come join in the Uni-Tea celebration at Independence Mall in downtown Philadelphia on Saturday, July 31st from 12 noon to 3 PM and get a world view tuneup. Continue reading

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Black Leaders Condemn NAACP

ust days after the NAACP’s from-on-high condemnation of the Tea Party, this black civil rights organization has been found harboring some hardcore bigotry in their own hollow halls of fame. Continue reading

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Race Hustlers: NAACP and the New Black Panthers

The NAACP has declared the Tea Party movement to be ‘racist’. In the not too recent past, such a pronouncement from a staid black organization such as the NAACP would have dealt a death blow to the object of black ire. But today, me thinks the race card has been played so many times and for so many unscrupulous and unethical reasons that it has become the joker of the Left-wing’s political house of cards. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton for President?

The whisper-down-the-lane campaign apparently is in full flow, with the Day Dreaming Dems desperately casting about for another messianic miracle worker. With predicted devastation looming in the 2010 elections in November, pressure will only increase on the Democrat Party to cut itself free from that arrogant anti-American albatross hanging round its neck. Continue reading

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Polanski: Pedophile Goes Free

Roman Polanski, child rapist, will Not be extradited to the United States to face justice. Apparently, expecting a wealthy creative progressive type to be held to the same standards of decency, not to mention statutes of law, as all us lowly no-account peasants is an outrageous insult to the divine right of aristocratic Left-wing privilege. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton: She Was Robbed!

Just when the Obama Machine thought they had battered and buried all those female supporters of Hillary Clinton by banishing this token white woman to the back-burner of US politics, here comes that pesky PUMA spirit (Party Unity My Ass) once again.
Continue reading

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Polls Again Proclaim: Tea Party Values Mainstream

The people who struggle to work a job, work a career, pay their bills after taxes, and raise a family, care for friends, and contribute to their various communities are getting sick and tired of being smeared, guilt-tripped, demonized, and marginalized. Continue reading

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NHS Revolution: Letting Doctors Treat Patients

Heralded as the biggest revolution in the British National Health Service since its inception some 60 years ago, ‘tens of thousands’ of bureaucratic administrative jobs at the NHS will be slashed as an aggressive maneuver to fix the struggling UK health service. Continue reading

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Joyce Meyer: From Power to Pragmatism

I discovered Joyce Meyer about thirteen years ago while channel surfing one early morning. Certainly the sight of a woman preacher caught my curiosity as did the sound of her raucous and, at times, ranting voice. This Joyce Meyer of the 1990s was a very different model from the media manufactured doyenne of today. Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July, America!

God Bless, America! Continue reading

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