Decoy Jews: Amsterdam’s Answer to Anti-Semitism

The West's Brave New Future

Anti-Semitic attacks against Jews in Amsterdam have gotten so out of hand, that the mayor of this supposedly so, so progressive city has initiated a decoy Jew program to snag these hate crime hooligans.  This horrendous situation was graphically brought to the attention of authorities when the Jewish broadcasting network, Joodse Omroep, aired undercover video recordings of attacks against Jews that occurred in several Amsterdam neighborhoods.

So now, the great liberal fathers of Amsterdam, home to the Anne Frank museum, believe they can cope with these naughty outbursts of ignorance by flooding the streets with police officers disguised as Jewish men wearing skull caps.  Well, after all, this is just a minor little blip on the progressive radar screen, nothing to get too excited about.  An arrest here, a citation there, and before you can shout Long Live Diversity! our progressive utopia will be as right as rain once again.

But a minor tidbit of a mention in the Daily Telegraph article: a brief allusion to the identity of many of these hate crime criminals.  It appears from the footage of the undercover video that these attacks are being perpetrated by those of ‘immigrant origin’.  Hmmm.  I wonder what ethnic group of immigrants they might be alluding to?  Can anyone make an educated guess as to the religious affiliation of these misguided immigrant moppets?  Dare we say the M Word?

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2 Responses to Decoy Jews: Amsterdam’s Answer to Anti-Semitism

  1. Glen Amos says:

    Do you seriously think that monks are behind these attacks?

    • Of course, how silly of me. I should have known that it must all be some sort of Christian conspiracy. These acts couldn’t possibly be perpetrated by Those Who Can Not Be Named.

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