Pony Up for Palestine: The Gay Gullibility Factor

Hamas would love You, Darlin

Israel, Palestine, and Gays written by Paul Varnell, was originally printed in the Chicago Free Press back in 2002 and was republished on the Independent Gay Forum.  In his article, Mr. Varnell contrasts the daily realities for gay men living in the West Bank and Gaza with the world of gay men living in Israel.  Back in 2002, Varnell saw the Queers for Palestine movement as a fringe element within the gay/lesbian community.  Today, we know better.

Hence, a little reality check.  So for all our queer brothers and sisters living in the good ole USA, you who froth at the mouth over Gay Marriage and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, you who flutter about with your on-the-go gay lives within the oppressively evil environs of American Western culture, here is a simple test to help you sort out all those perplexing priorities of real life.

We all know how exhaustingly busy it can be for suffering victims of the capitalist patriarchy to find the time now a days to actually think.  I mean after all, the lesbian ladies have another L Word Reality TV series to catch on Show Time, and the gay guys, well, so many penises so little time.  But if you can pull yourself away from the Pride Parades, the political demonstrations, the social conferences, the lecture circuits, the bar scenes, the bath houses, the sperm banks, the online gay magazines, the gay porn sites, the tea rooms, the gay softball leagues, the gay advocacy groups, the women’s music, the gay concerts, the gay comedians, the gay actors, the gay book stores, the gay community centers, the gay business groups, the gay Yahoo groups, the gay Meetup groups, the S/M clubs, the play parties, the gay picnics, the gay vacation resorts, the gay cruises, the gay personals, and all the other oppressively gay and lesbian paraphernalia of a free society, you just might get a glimpse of contextual reality.

Warning: Answering the following questions may lead to progressive paralysis and could result in a diarrhea of doubts about Democrat policies in the Middle-East.

1. Which Middle Eastern country has no sodomy laws nor uses vague charges such as “offenses against religion” or “immoral conduct” to prosecute and imprison gays and lesbians?

2. Which Middle Eastern country has a variety of gay organizations which safely conduct gay advocacy efforts?

3. Which Middle Eastern country has a gay and lesbian community center in its capital city?

4. Which Middle Eastern country holds annual Gay Pride parades?

5. Which Middle Eastern country has members of parliament who actively support and speak out on behalf of gays and lesbians?

6. In which Middle Eastern country did the head of state meet with gay activists?

7. Which Middle Eastern country lets gays and lesbians join its military services?

8. Which Middle Eastern country has broadcast programs about gays and lesbians on its television stations?

9. And a bonus question: When gays in Palestine are forced to flee persecution, what Middle Eastern country do they usually flee to?

Can you guess what the correct answers are?  You got it!  Now before you slip off to watch the L Word and before you pick up that next trick, just think about how damn lucky you are to be living in the USA.  And when the progressive jackasses ask you to pony up for Palestine, tell them you prefer to pass.

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