Elton John Performs in Israel: The Left Fumes

Elton John performed at the Ramat Gan Stadium in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening, playing to an audience of over 50,000 screaming fans.  Defying the Left-wing entertainment industry’s call to boycott Israel, John defiantly pumped his fist in protest, proclaiming: Ain’t nothing gonna stop us from coming, baby! John also had some pointed words for his compatriots in the miasma that is the music business: Musicians spread love and peace, that’s what we do.  We don’t cherry-pick our conscience.

Well!  Elton John’s refusal to kowtow to the bullyboy manifesto from on high brought down the ire of the gay progressive police who didn’t like John’s non-political stance one  little bit!  The editor-in-chief of Out, Aaron Hicklin, declared: It betrays either ignorance or self-interest or both, and jeopardizes his admirable record on gay rights.

So what Mr. Hicklin and other gay progressives are saying here is that anyone within the gay community who fails to tow the Left-wing line on any and all political and social issues du jour, will be stripped of their credibility, slandered, shunned, boycotted, beaten down, bullied, and run out of town on a rail.  Gee, what a wonderfully enlightened, tolerant, and open-minded approach to a fellow human being  and a gay brother who has done one hell of a lot for the gay community. Once again, our progressive patriarchs proclaim their jackboot liberalism, preaching their screed of love and diversity while lynching and burning every heretic and non-conformist in sight.

How is it possible to jeopardize one’s admirable record on gay rights by performing in the only country in the Middle-East that actually grants legal status to lesbians and gays? Can you explain, Mr. Hicklin, how Elton John loses credibility within the gay community for simply staying clear of the moronic good guy/bad guy worldview of the Middle-East conflict?  Mr. John appears to be an equitable fellow.  I’m sure he would have loved to perform for the Palestinians just as he did for the Israelis, but unfortunately, Hamas would have greeted an openly gay man like Elton John with a can of gasoline and a lighted match.  Oops!  Not supposed to mention that bit of reality.  I guess in our brave new world today, many gays and lesbians around the globe have been deemed expendable by the Queer Quislings of the Progressive Politburo.

But three cheers for Elton John who brought Philadelphia Freedom to the Middle-East!

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3 Responses to Elton John Performs in Israel: The Left Fumes

  1. ulla says:

    Gotta go google philadelphia freedom now

  2. Glen Amos says:

    I will chip in to help pay for Mr. Hicklin to take a two-week vacation any where in the Middle-East except Israel. All I ask I that he be open about his sexuality while enjoying his visit.

    While I have always loved his music, I have had troubles with Mr.John’s politics. Now, I will put that aside. Thank you for this insight.

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