The Oil Spill Speech: Obama Gets The Hook

The Obama speech last night from the Oval Office was the Reality TV flop of the season.  When Mr. O, as President of the United States of America, barfed up all those big empty words of phony competence and courage, the American public recognized his stream of vacuous vomit for the oily gobbledygook it really was.  Not even his adoring apologists on the Left could stomach the depleted drivel coming from this sadly overrated and oversold charlatan.

It is simply amazing that Mr. O’s media managers deliberately cast him in this Oval Office farce. It boggles the brain that these White House hacks set the stage, wrote the script, and directed all the bad acting.  Not only do we have a light-weight Left-wing front man sitting in the presidential chair, but his ideological string pullers turn out to be asinine amateurs….Scared yet, America?

Jennifer Rubin at Commentary Magazine captured Obama’s Awful Oval Office moment with this observation:

That iconic moment for Obama may well be the image of him last night, hands folded behind that huge empty desk. He was revealed as an impostor, someone play-acting as president and an interloper in serious matters….He and his presidency seemed shrunken, with the man once considered a political colossus now hiding behind and dwarfed by the props of the office.

As Edith Anne would say: And that’s the truth!

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