Obama’s Approval Rating: Circling the Drain

Do we see a trend here in Obama’s approval ratings?  Yes, indeed we do.  Rasmussen’s poll depicting the grading graph for our Activist-in-Chief is spiraling down, down, down.  Mr. O’s approval rating continues to drop as it has done consistently since he took office.  Occasionally, there’s been a spike in the approval meter but the fleeting infatuation always plummets when those wanna-believers get that bucket of cold water reality full in the face.  Oh, how sad when that hankering for the romanticized never-never land of hands-around-the-world horizons smacks down into the dirt of daily nitty gritty living.

I guess our Affirmative Action President is still expecting the same inflated grades that he got during his free pass through the Hollow Halls of Academe.  Despite the Left-wing media’s portrayal of this guy as some intellectual giant gurgling with great thoughts, it’s getting pretty clear to even the most fanatical of fans that Mr. O is Mr. Mediocre.

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