Brits Fedup with Blame Game for BP Oil Spill

British Petroleum It Ain't

Our British cousins are getting hot under the collar at Obama’s characterization of the BP oil spill as somehow connected to the UK government and the British people.  The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, condemned ‘the extreme and unhelpful anti-British rhetoric’ coming from the White House over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Many other British MPs feel that American politicians and broadcasters have deliberately blamed the UK government for the spill even though BP is a multinational corporation, not a nationalized, government owned and operated company.  British MPs point to Obama’s repeated categorization of BP as ‘British Petroleum’ even though this massive corporation changed its name over a decade ago.

There is a feeling afoot in the land of stiff upper lips that Obama and all his helpful Media midgets here in the US are trying to divert attention away from the administration’s lacking leadership during this environmental crisis and to refocus all that American anger and frustration onto the Tory government across the pond.  Our allies are not happy.

And yet another set of Obama blinders go slip sliding away and this calculating cardboard cutout of a president comes into full view.  The smarmy charm of the Chicago charlatan that dominated the 2008 campaign has worn oh so thin and even the true believers are now wondering if the rats have overrun the ship of state.

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