Gays in the Military: Dissension in the Ranks

Who Gets to Wear the Uniform?

Initially, both Admiral Mullen and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates both strongly urged Congress not to repeal the ban until the Pentagon study was completed.  But the White House apparently had a change of political heart.  Both Gates and Mullen eagerly and dutifully flip-flopped on the issue.

If the ban is lifted before the study is completed, even though delayed in its implementation, the views of the military men and women who are currently serving will be moot.  And all the behind the scenes political maneuvering that has been going on and the flagrant end run around the Joint Chiefs who were basically ignored and snubbed…well, how will that play out in the day-to-day realities of military readiness?

Already, there is more than a hint of push back from both top brass and enlisted service members and one can only speculate on the extent of the politically correct witch hunts that might be instituted within the military to force compliance.  Check out this article in that appeared back in March.  The article highlights some of the hardcore resistance to lifting the ban.

In a letter sent to Stars and Strips, Lt. General Benjamin Mixon urged his troops to lobby Congress to keep the ban on gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military.  Although  publicly admonished by both Gates and Mullen for using his rank to advocate a political position, he was not formally reprimanded.

And an interesting comment from Admiral Mullen in addressing Mixon’s letter.  Admiral Mullen stated: The answer is not advocacy; it is, in fact, to vote with your feet. In other words, if you don’t like it, take a hike. Considering that one of the major justifications for lifting the ban is to ensure that those who wish to serve our country have the opportunity to do so, especially when there is a shortage of competent military personnel, it seems a flippantly cavalier statement for the Joint Chiefs Chairman to make.

Well, it looks like, in true Obama fashion, we’re off to a hobbled start.  With the military leadership split on the issue of the repeal and the concerns over implementation challenges, I wonder just how this fractured approach will play out as it filters down through the ranks.

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2 Responses to Gays in the Military: Dissension in the Ranks

  1. Holly says:

    In my opinion, this is a political maneuver and the outcome will have the same aftertaste as all things political do: poisonous. The review was promised and should have been completed because the review would have been able to remove doubt of any political coercion. Sadly, to our government, our military is no different than any other sector of society who they feel they can ignore and legislate behavior without understanding the consequences of said legislation.

    My brother serves in the Air Force; he should be the focus because this legislation will affect him in a more personal way than those of us who have the luxury to discuss this. The men and women serving, who give their lives for this country should have a voice, but they have been denied their voice for political gain to shore up a fledging base in the name of progress.

    There is bi-partisan support from the general public for repeal, but the American citizenry does not want a symbolic political gesture that ensures continued divisiveness and degradation of America’s citizens and our system of government.

    • Right on target, Holly. I especially agree with your comment about our military men and women being denied their voice for political gain–it’s all about Obama’s fracturing base and his attempt at appeasement.

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