The Pseudo-Science of Gaydar


There’s a so-called scientific study that’s been released claiming that us homosexuals are much more analytic and perceptive than our less endowed heterosexual brothers and sisters.  This latest load of medical malfeasance proffered to the public as ‘science’ is a research study conducted at Leiden University in the Netherlands. The study consisted of a grand total of 42 participants who were shown geometric outlines of squares and rectangles that contained smaller shapes within each outline.  When asked to identify the shapes within each of the larger outlines, supposedly the gay participants were much better at discerning the smaller shapes within the larger ones.

Hence the leap of ‘scientific’ faith here.  Because a handful of homosexuals could spot small geometric shapes, this researcher concludes that he has proved the existence of Gaydar.  Gaydar, that legendary tracking device supposedly embedded in lesbians and gays that lead us to others of likely persuasion.

I wonder what the outcome of this study would have been if bisexuals had taken part?  Would they have identified the shapes correctly only half the time?  And what about other groups of especially observant folks who have also learned to focus their faculties on the details that delight?  I know some single straight women who can spot a wedding ring on a man’s finger from 3 miles away.  And what about all those eagle eyes who can zero in on a tailored-made toupee faster than you can say hair weave?

That this guy in the Netherlands spent what was probably tax payers’ money on such a silly bit of bother just shows how low our so-called scientific community has sunk in it’s search for quick recognition and ready research funds.

And since we seem to be living in a world of blurred boundaries and self-identified politics where anyone at any time can declare themselves of either or any gender let alone sexual orientation, this existential exercise in counterfeit cultural cognizance proves itself to be just another dose of medical mumbo-jumbo and homo hogwash.

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