Sex and the City II: Giving Islam the Shaft

Is Hollywood having a hype hemorrhage?  Have the hawkers of multicultural homage stroked out from too much politically correct cholesterol?  Sex and the City II was released yesterday and is now showing in movie theaters across the US.  And this latest reincarnation of the now extinct TV series, is raising some indignant and snooty eyebrows over its sacrilegious smacks at antiquated Islam.

Pushing its tired and turpid promo of empowerment through promiscuity, Sex and the City II also delivers another not so subtle message to the so-called sexual avant-garde.  Choosing a Middle East location for this sequel, SATC 2 has our long-in-the-tooth gadabout girls romping across the screen impudently mocking the misogynous memes of Arab Islamic culture.  And their sassy Up Yours, Mohammed! cheekiness has caused an outcry from many of the pompous liberal literati.

Variety reviewer and critic, Brian Lowry, spewed out his hokey indignation at SATC 2  for daring to mock a Third World culture and found the girls’ anti-Islam antics “more condescending than stirring.”

Condescending. You know, I don’t think Mr. Lowry of Variety understands that the only condescending simpleton standing front and center here is himself.  Treating Muslim countries or any other society like culturally challenged participants in the Special Olympics of Life is the height and chutzpah of condescension.  To fail to hold non-Western societies to the same standards of human dignity and fair treatment that we hold ourselves is to condemn the citizens of those societies to a medieval misery of brutality and barbarism.

And Ed Gonzalez at Slant climbed up on his holier-than-thou high horse and declared that SATC 2 “takes the Sex and the City girls to the Middle East so they can cavalierly thumb their nose at the region’s retrograde gender politics.”

The region’s retrograde gender politics. My, my, what an extraordinarily evasive and empty expression to conveniently belittle and blow off the misogynist hate fest facing women in Arab and Muslim societies.  Hey, Mr. Ed, you may have all those silly liberal ladies lapping up your Left-wing chauvinist charade, but us conservative girls know a progressive pig when we hear one.  Your unctuous oinks of Third World  solidarity only broadcast your dismissive squeals of contempt for all the millions of female recipients of ‘retrograde gender politics’.

Check out Lori Ziganto in the Green Room at Hot Air for some funny feminist quips at the expense of those literati loonies and their retrograde rage.

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