Iran: The Role Model for Women’s Rights

Finally, a few squeals of political outcry coming from the US Congress over the appointment of Iran to the UN’s Women’s Rights Commission.  Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) introduced House Resolution 1371 condemning the selection of Iran for a place on the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women.  After the deafening silence of Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, McCotter’s effort is indeed appreciated.  It will be interesting to see just how much attention and enthusiasm, however, this measure receives.

And for our sisters on the Left—this is an opportunity for you to remove your heads from your collective butts and take a gander at the frightening  global realities facing women, lesbians, and gays.  If you think you’re safe and sound here within the embracing bosom of Western civilization, pray, think another thought and quickly.  Because sure enough, the shameful practices of Sharia law are coming to a neighborhood near you.

Are you suffering from the liberal delusion that the daunting plight of women is mainly a Third World dilemma?  Well then, you are sadly misinformed.  Muslims in the UK have been granted the right to conduct all their civil affairs under Sharia Law.  Civil affairs include marriage, divorce, and child custody.  Needless to say, women are treated like chattel in these Sharia tribunals.  And I wonder how gay and lesbian Muslims are treated under Sharia law in the UK?  How outstandingly funny that the UK government enforces strict Hate Crime mandates upon its British populace, yet it gives its seal of approval to the misogyny and homophobia of its backward Muslim migrants. Yep, we’ve come a long way baby, but now it appears we’re all to be sacrificed on the altar of progressive puerility.

But  be of some good cheer.  There is a strong movement afoot in the UK to end this multicultural Muslim madness.  Check out for a look at this political crusade to end the UK government’s sanctioning of gender inequality.

To read more about House Resolution 1371, click on Danielle Avel’s article on Big Government.


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4 Responses to Iran: The Role Model for Women’s Rights

  1. Glen Amos says:

    Tom McClintock’s office got back to me to say they are confused by my email. According to them, H.R. 1371 is about the Social Security COLA, not about the UN Iran and Women’s Rights Commission. Can you clarify this for me?

    • Glen,

      I checked out McCotter’s website and it’s listed under bills that he’s sponsored.

      Our info is correct–it’s House Resolution 1371 (Condemning the selection of Iran to serve on the UN committee on the Status of Women). The resolution was referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on 5/19.

  2. Glen Amos says:

    I am about to send a note to my Congressman, Tom McClintock (a good man) asking that he support H.R. 1371. Thank you and thanks to Ms. Avel for reporting on this issue. I missed it on the mainstream media.

    I am sure NOW is mounting an aggressive campaign against Iran being allowed on the U.N. Women’s Rights Commission.

    • Great Glen. And I did check out NOW’s website—Iran and the UN debacle are not mentioned. But they’re oh so concerned that there be a 3rd woman on the Supreme Court and they’re still foaming at the progressive mouth over the Arizona illegal immigrant law. These women and their organization are oh so irrelevant.

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