Reclaiming Feminism: Conservative Women Speak Out

The Left has been left behind.  Still buried in the issues and the jargon of the 60s and 70s, the progressive democrat express continues to see the world of ‘women’s rights’ through the filter of ‘women’s issues’.  And those ‘women’s issues’ are exclusively defined by Left-of-center females who believe they and they alone speak for all of American womanhood.  Any free thinking woman who fails to accept the prepackaged pseudo-progressive pronouncements about the meaning of her life is shunned as a traitorous male-serving shill.

These faux feminists of the Left have big loud voices when parroting their trite progressively approved rants, but oh how closed-mouthed they become when the plight of Third World women gets in the way of the Left’s overarching geopolitical agenda.  The outrageous complacency of the so-called Women’s Movement and the Obama administration over the fate of women and girls in Muslim countries is stirring the ire of many women here in the US.

Two great articles appeared in the Conservative blogosphere on Friday, both pointing the finger of accusation at the lousy liberal fraud that passes for feminism.

Lori Ziganto in her aritcle, Taking Feminism Back: Sarah Palin Endorses Nikki Haley for SC Governor, loudly proclaims the face of the conservative woman as the new facet of feminism.  You can hear the anger in this article, the anger of someone who has had enough of the snide look-down-the nose contempt that conservative and even moderate women have suffered for decades.  Here’s the link to Ms. Ziganto’s article on Hot Air.

And Danielle Avel takes on the Obama administration and its stance of appeasement toward Iran in her article Sanctioning Violence with Silence: The Obama Administration’s Policy on Women.  Her insightful article can be read at

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