Diaper Democracy Explodes

EU Socialism

The EU economic explosions have just begun and Victor Davis Hanson, in an article in today’s National Review Online, concisely outlines the aftershocks of the Greek bailout reverberating across the socialistic landscape of the European Union.

The Free Feast Frenzy that has swept Europe since the end of World War II has hit a bit of a snag.  Apparently, the good citizens of Europe were unaware that a bill would be presented to them at some point during their gluttonous entitlement meal.  A bill??? Oh, the shock!  Oh, the horror!  Our sophisticated compatriots in Greece may no longer believe in the never ending glory of an All Mighty God but they sure do believe in the never ending bounty of an All Giving Government.  The pampered progressive naivete is mind boggling.

Hanson sums up EUphoria Madness quite succinctly.

We were often lectured by “progressives” that almost everything Europe did was better: subsidized mass transit, free college tuition, extended maternity leave, early retirement, and “soft-power” diplomacy….Few wanted to listen when it was pointed out, well before the Greek meltdown, that on key questions of demography and immigration, the future of the European Union was bleak. The very idea that, in historical terms, socialism, agnosticism, pacifism, and hedonism were not only interrelated and synergistic, but also suicidal for civilization, was considered crackpot.

Declaring that the EU dream of a continental democratic socialism is now dead, Hanson goes on to delineate the death knell of Diaper Democracy in Europe: the end of EU expansion; the end of European commonality; the re-powering of NATO; and the reappearance of old European wounds.

And Europe now comes full circle, kicking and screaming the whole way.

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3 Responses to Diaper Democracy Explodes

  1. Dena says:

    And our diaper changers in DC will never learn to discern. They will continue to groom us with a shoved pacifier in our mouths to keep us quiet and cushiony diapers when we get too excited at their encroachments and cry foul. They keep telling us it is for our own good. Uncle Sam was kicked out and Surrogate mommies and poppies are here for us. yes, it will cost us an arm, a leg, a heart attack here and there, but hey, while we live under THEIR sky, we must do as they say. Forget what is happening in Greece and all over Europe, the happy lib-bot family up on the hill knows ‘best.’ Alas, I feel grown enough to even emmancipate myself. Maybe turn in THE PEOPLE’S DECLARATION TO REVOKE AND ABOLISH to the rest of the country in a national public reading before the people like our founders told us to do. Yeah, I think that might do it. After all, we the people do have the ultimate authority and power over any government destructive to our liberties and rights.

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