Hillary Clinton and Afghani Women

Rhetoric is Cheap

Words, words, words.  Madam Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, voiced support for the women in Afghanistan today by stating that women’s rights should not be sacrificed in any political deal between Hamid Karzai’s government and the Taliban.  In speaking to senior female government officials, Clinton proclaimed: “We will not abandon you.”  Yeah, sure.

The Karzai government is attempting to negotiate with the treacherous Taliban in hopes of ending the war and it’s looking to the US to back whatever plans it’s concocting.  But does anyone believe for a split second that the Taliban will play nice nice with the civilized world?

And notice the context in which the plight of women and girls in Afghanistan is couched.  All this verbal rubbish about ‘women’s rights’, as if the Obama administration were speaking about equal pay for equal work or glass ceilings blocking career advancement.  These ‘rights’ that Ms. Clinton is kindly including as part of negotiations with the Taliban are not the Western version of a feminist agenda.  We’re talking about human beings treated like slaves and chattel by a barbarous, backward, and dangerous faction of Islam.  Mutilations, beatings, murder—all part of the perverted reality of women’s lives in the hellhole that is Afghanistan.

And just a few highlights from a previous post to add a little dose of reality to the message.

How bad is it for many of the women in Afghanistan? Bad enough to commit suicide via self-immolation.  A report issued by the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department stated that self-immolation is being used by increasing numbers of Afghan women to escape their dire circumstances.  The report also states that women constitute the majority of Afghan suicides.  In one province alone during 2008, 80 women attempted suicide by setting themselves on fire.  Many of these women were in their early 20s.

Also during 2008, 76 cases of honor killings were officially documented in Afghanistan, although the actual number is presumed to be much higher.

And a bit of advise to those senior female officials who Clinton reassured today: Don’t believe a word she says.  Seek asylum now!  Get out while you can.

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