Will the Real Feminists Please Stand Up

Of course, all our sisters on the Left will now dutifully come to full attention and salute the bogus banner of their flagging feminism.  These Lefty Ladies speak with unusually loud voices when it comes to shouting from their standard script.  And oh, how boringly bombastic their damning drivel has become.  But such worn out rhetoric, spoken by the over-educated middle class matrons who dominate the movement, is sounding more and more hollow and hokey.  Empowering women may be their stated goal, but like all good little Lefties, these Faux Feminists fudge their love for womankind.

Breeze on by the National Organization for Women’s website and take a gander at the pressing issues facing women today that NOW is championing.  The headlines speak for themselves:

– Class-Action Suit Against Wal-Mart Approved. NOW Awaits Justice Against Merchant of Shame

– Newsweek: The Future of the Abortion Rights Movement

– Potential Women Nominees for the Supreme Court

– Letter to Governor Jan Brewer to Veto the Arizona Immigration Bill

Gee, no wonder NOW’s membership has dropped approximately 10% every year since  2005.  Many have come to see the American women’s movement and its organized voice as just another pasty political pawn too entrenched with the progressive agenda, nothing more than a subsidiary of Progressivism, Inc.

Certainly, when American women look to NOW and other Faux Feminist organizations to speak up loud, clear, and consistently about the outrageous oppression facing our sisters in Muslim countries, there ain’t much of a voice to be heard.  No ranting and raving about justice, equality, or basic human rights.  Shucks, these feminist fakers are too busy whipping Wal-Mart, the capitalist evil-doer of the century, and too focused on fondling illegal immigrants, those poor pathetic Third World victims of border control.

You got to know there’s something rotten in the wonderful world of Lefty Land when the only raised voices speaking out about the fate of Muslim women are coming from the right.  Franklin Graham got himself disinvited from the National Day of Prayer event when he had the audacity to criticize Islam’s treatment of women.  It may be open season on Christianity and Judaism on any topic under the sun but daring to remark on Islam’s horrendous brutality against the female gender is too too taboo.  There is a larger agenda at work here: poisonous progressivism at its most insidious.

For a good take on the Franklin Graham incident and the silent sisters of the American Feminist movement, check out Danielle Avel’s article on BigGovernment.com.  Danielle is a lesbian columnist and investigative journalist.  Great to hear another lesbian woman speaking out on this issue.


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5 Responses to Will the Real Feminists Please Stand Up

  1. ginger says:

    I read this a while ago… not saying I agree with all of it.. just found it very interesting.

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  3. Glen Amos says:

    I took your suggestion and went to the Avel link. She did indeed say it spot on.

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