Mohammed’s Coming Out Party

Yes, this is me. Get over it!

The Comedy Central controversy over their censoring of a South Park episode that portrayed the religious leader Mohammed in a bear suit has sparked the creation of the first Everybody Draw Mohammed Day or as I like to think of this very special occasion, Mohammed’s Coming Out PartyEverybody Draw Mohammed Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 20th. And if you have no drawing skills whatsoever but would still like to take part in this First Amendment bit of fun, check out the Zombie Time website for numerous images of the prophet Mohammed.  From the reverential to the obscene, this site offers Mohammed images for anyone’s personal political taste.

The controversy over Comedy Central’s very cold feet when faced with threats of violence from Islamic hoodlums is creating some difference of opinion in the conservative blogosphere.  Over at Hot Air’s Greenroom, Howard Portnoy seems to think that Comedy Central did the right thing by caving in to the threats.  His argument is one we’ve heard before but in the context of fighting crime.  Portnoy declares that all us little insignificant nobodies are powerless when faced with a bunch of crazy fanatics who will do anything they can to hunt us down and hack us up.  So his obvious response to the threat of Islamic violence over the Mohammed image controversy is to hunker down and submit and hope that somehow we will live to fight another day.  Thankfully, many if not most of Mr. Portnoy’s readers disagree with him.

But over at, Andrew Mellon gives a big thumbs-up to the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day and urges his readers to get behind this effort.  No shrinking from a call to draw for Mr. Mellon.  He understands the significance of the Comedy Central capitulation to such intimidation and thuggery.  As the editorial in the New York Post summed up succinctly: “Until the West decides, culturally and collectively, not to take it any longer, it’s only going to get worse.”


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3 Responses to Mohammed’s Coming Out Party

  1. infideldelight says:

    Everybody Draw Mohammed Day will be on May 20.

  2. Glen Amos says:

    I love it. Great idea. I knew him back in Louisville when he was Cacius Clay.

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