Bisexual Men Sue Gay Group: The Inclusion Dilemma

Gay Softball: Bisexuals Out!

Three bisexual men are suing the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance claiming they were discriminated against during a gay softball world series in Seattle two years ago.

The Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance organizes an annual softball world series.  One of their rules states that each team is only allowed two heterosexual players; all other players must be gay.  And therein lies the problem.  When the softball team that these three men played on qualified for the tournament and won second place, a competing team lodged a complaint claiming that these three men did not meet the definition of ‘gay’ and that their team should be disqualified.

The Alliance conducted some sort of investigation that included individual interviews with these men held in a conference room in the presence of others.  The bisexual men claim that during these interviews they were asked ‘personal and intrusive questions’ about their sexuality.  The end result of the investigation was that the three men were deemed ‘non gays’ thus disqualifying their team from the second place finish in the tournament.

The plaintiffs are asking for $75,000 each in damages for emotional distress. They are also insisting that the court force the Alliance to lift its rule on limiting the number of heterosexual players per team.  They claim that because the Alliance and its teams use public softball fields and is open to the public in general, it can not claim to be a private organization.  The Alliance has been active within the gay community since 1977 and includes more than 680 teams in 37 leagues across the US.

But guess whose providing legal representation for the bisexual men?  The National Center for Lesbian Rights. Now isn’t this an interesting case for them to latch onto.  It seems these legal ladies at the Center have the time to fritter away attempting to nail an established gay organization to the wall for failing to march with the ever expanding LGBTQ parade.  Apparently, there’s no pesky job discrimination, no fair housing concerns, no lesbian partnership inequities, no scary harassment, and no physical violence out there in the big bad world for the National Center for Lesbian Rights to bother about anymore.  Us lesbians must be sitting pretty when it comes to all our legal rights and personal safety issues today.  Gosh, isn’t that great news!  But of course, with Obama in the White House, all the good little progressive lesbians know they have nothing to fear but fear itself.

So now with so much time on its hands, the National Center for Lesbian Rights has decided to take a rip at their own community, swinging that two-edged sword of diversity across the gay landscape.  No more root, root, root for the gay home team.  It’s now sue, sue, sue for a cheap publicity scheme.  Go get em, girls!

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5 Responses to Bisexual Men Sue Gay Group: The Inclusion Dilemma

  1. J says:

    This is an excellent example of the way a lot of gay men are very biphobic, hypocritical, and practice bisexual erasure and even the most liberal/progressive gay men can be this way and think that it’s fine to be a bigot-yet God forbid if you’re LGBT and not liberal or for democrats 1,000% or you vote for a 3rd party candidate you’re seen as a bigot/traitor to LGBT people.

  2. Glen Amos says:

    This makes my head hurt. Our Republic is under assult by progressives and this is what the NCLR is spending their resources combating! We have serious problems equal to what our country faced in the 1860’s. Yet the NCLR is concerned if these guys are gay enough to play in a sofball tournament? Is Obama black enough for them?

    We need to wake up and get our priorities in order.

    • Unfortunately, Glen, the lesbian and gay community lives too much in its own world. It doesn’t seem to see the real threats. A lot of wasted energy and resources, sadly.

      • dena says:

        This same group for lesbian rights would think nothing about conservative lesbians except that we are ‘traitors to the cause.’ You’re right. Like the Union organizations that have run out of real problems to solve, the NCFLR is also a shelf-hanger.

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