America Tilts Right

An interesting poll conducted by the Investor’s Business Daily in early April finds that most Americans are leaning in the opposite political direction from their progressively bent president.

The poll asked people to place themselves on a 10-point Liberal/Conservative scale, with the number 1 representing a Very Liberal political stance and the number 10 representing a Very  Conservative political orientation.  Survey respondents were then asked to place Mr. Obama on the Liberal/Conservative scale.  The results were quite telling:  57% of the respondents placed themselves at 6.0 on the Lib/Con scale while at the same time placing Obama at 3.7.

So America is headed for the Right while their president is exiting on the Left.  The political reality can’t be denied no matter how hard the media tries to massage the message: Obama’s progressive policies are advancing conservatism. The more the Great O attempts to foist his big government schemes onto the American republic, the more frightened and leery folks become of his Big Daddy progressive agenda.

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4 Responses to America Tilts Right

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  3. Dena says:

    Sometimes it takes a crisis to make things better. I’m reminded of Job in the bible who lost everything he had, including his wife and children and was plagued with extremely painful boils all over his body. Job cursed the day he was born but not once did he curse God. Job was not only being tested of his faith, but God was proving Job’s faith and patience. Afterward, God healed him and gave him more than he lost. We will recover more rights and abolish more illegal laws with this opportunity. Yes, obama and radical dems in Congress are losing steam and the quicker we rid Government of the vermin the better off we will be.

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