Gays Heckle Obama

At a Barbara Boxer fundraiser on Monday evening in California, gay protesters in the audience interrupted Obama’s speech by shouting: What about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Obama attempted to ignore the outbursts but at one point he quipped back: We’re getting to that. The protesters continued to heckle The Great One even though the audience tried to drown them out by chanting the Obama Mantra for the Intellectually Challenged: Yes we can!

My, my, the proletariat pups are getting restless and a wee bit out of hand here.  How ungrateful and ungracious to challenge the Godhead of American Progressivism and to do so on what should have been sacred turf.  It seems that even with a hand-picked audience, the party hacks can’t silence the discontent within the California Democrat Dream Machine.

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6 Responses to Gays Heckle Obama

  1. Glen Amos says:

    Please email me at after your read the book. There is something I wish to run by you.

  2. Glen Amos says:

    Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?

    I do so love your writing style.

    • Just a little sarcasm. And I ordered your book from Amazon, Glen. Looking forward to reading it.

      • Dena says:

        I, too, love your writing style and your skillful perspectives. LOL and I love your little drawn friend above. These are probably the same gays who once chanted the ‘yes we can’ theme and voted for him based on his deception. I believe so many of them have joined thousands other folks who have turned against him because the sheeple final woke up and opened their eyes to the truth.

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