School’s Spy Cams Took Thousands of Photos

We Are Watching You

The school laptop spy scandal at the Lower Merion school district along the Main Line just keeps getting worse for School Board President, David Ebby.  Investigators have now discovered a ‘substantial’ number of webcam photos of unsuspecting school children that were taken surreptitiously by the school supplied laptop webcam.

In a legal motion filed by the parents of Blake Robbins, the boy whose run-in with Assistant Vice Principal, Lindy Matsko uncovered the laptop webcam spy operation, it was revealed that the webcam spy system took over 400 photos of Blake, including shots of him sleeping and shots of him partially undressed.  The school district’s records purportedly show that thousands of webcam photos and screen shots were also taken of other students in their homes.

The school district originally said that the spy system had only been activated 42 times and only for lost or stolen school-issued laptops.  But the district has failed to say just how many students were photographed or how often.  The school district will now be notifying the parents of these students and allowing the parents to view the photos taken of their kids.

The three school district employees authorized to activate the spy system are now on paid leave.

When this story first broke,  Mr. Ebby, Ms. Matsko, and the Lower Merion School District reared up on their hind legs in haughty indignation at the accusations of spying.  Now it seems there is a humbler, more apologetic manner being exhibited by the Main Line Educrats.  Looming lawsuits and a public expose smeared across the media can have that effect, even on smug educational admins who think they own our children.

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1 Response to School’s Spy Cams Took Thousands of Photos

  1. Dena says:

    Seems eerily pedo to me for children to be spied upon in their bedrooms where they are naked, sleeping, ect., otherwise, why have the program at all? I hope the courts sock it to them.

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