GOProud, Anti-Gay Islam, and Tom Campbell

GOProud, the only gay/lesbian organization that seems to understand the threat to gays and lesbians posed by radical Islam, is coming out swinging in the California Republican senatorial race.  In an April 5th press release, GOProud condemned the candidacy of Tom Campbell, former Republican representative from the Golden State.  In the words of Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud:

The greatest threat facing gay people worldwide is the spread of radical anti-gay Islam. Unfortunately, Tom Campbell’s record makes it clear he either doesn’t understand that or is unwilling to confront it.

LaSalvia goes on to note that Campbell, who is courting the gay/lesbian community in his bid for the Republican senatorial nod, has been a supporter of the convicted terrorist, Sami Al-Arian who was a contributor to Campbell’s failed senate run in 2000.  Campbell has also shown himself to be virulently anti-Israel.  And as LaSalvia points out, how does one rationalize support for gay/lesbian equality while consistently condemning the only country in the Middle East that fosters a climate of tolerance and  freedom for lesbians and gays?

Israel is a beacon of freedom and tolerance in a sea of radically anti-gay regimes in the Middle East. You simply cannot claim to support equality of opportunity for gays and lesbians while at the same time seeking to undermine the only country in the Middle East that treats gay people with dignity and respect.

Execution of Gay Teens in Iran

The political schizophrenia that dominates the Western weltansicht today views the world through the either/or filter of victim-hood, categorizing whole groups of people as good or evil using the very same methods it claims to decry.  Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion are used as divining rods of righteousness by self-serving progressives in their never-ending pursuit of superiority through perpetually saving the downtrodden du jour.  And Tom Campbell is a prime example of the slimy American politician eager to jump on this victim-hood bandwagon.

As for lesbian and gay progressives and their Palestinian and Muslim love fest, well, perhaps these disdainful dupes should scoot around the internet a bit and troll through some of those enlightened Islamic websites just to see what this newest ‘victim’ group has in store for their brothers and sisters in solidarity.  And surprise, surprise, it ain’t nothin nice.

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3 Responses to GOProud, Anti-Gay Islam, and Tom Campbell

  1. Dena says:

    You can see much hate in youtube blogs by islamic radicals spewing violent intimidations at gays and lesbians. But, the radical gay and lesbian groups do the same thing, intimidating and threatening those who oppose the lifestyle, especially Christians. A mad dog group went into a church during services and threw condoms on the floors and spewed filth at the congregation. Gay groups, like a pack of mad dogs, assaulted elderly people trying to go inside their church and frankly, they looked demon possessed. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I have been persecuted by radical gays and lesbians for being a conservative lesbian and, as we always hear that worn out line, “You are for the party who hates you,” it reasons that these dull-thinking, zombie libbots have absolutely no logical brainwave left. They whine when slapped with the truth, but are just as malicious as the radical islamaniacs.

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